Not only October is Pilipino History Month, but it is California Anime Con Appreciation Month. In the bay area alone, there is almost a convention or anime related event going on every weekend in the month of October. AniMagic took place the first weekend followed by Metreon Fest. Typically, Para Con would fall in between, but Para Con is out this year. Eigo Manga had their festival, and Yaoi Con would finish off October. 

Though I have been to Metreon many a time, this is my first time attending Metreon Anime Fest. Though I lived in the bay area for a while, but when Metreon was around, I was pretty busy to show up. This is also Tom's first MFA. Because of midterms rolling in pretty fast (Traveling Valentine BOTH had a midterm in the same class the following day), we decided to make MFA more of a visit to hang out with friends. 

Tom and I have been planning to do Harry Potter related cosplay. Tom has his original Slytherin Blackadder costume. I have my Ravenclaw Karen Tianshii costume. If you're interested in finding out where we got our supplied for these Harry Potter costumes, check out this site

Tom was spending the weekend at my place. On Sunday, we woke up bright and early to hit Metreon Festival of Anime. We got into our Harry Potter costumes and headed straight towards the Muni stop. Apparantly, Muni doesn't run all the time on the weekends. While waiting, we just role played as our characters just saying silly things about muggle transportation. We ended up taking the Outbound (since Inbound wouldn't be in a for a while) to Balboa Park to hit BART. Eh...Balboa Park smells like a giant urinal. Anyways, we were able to make good timing to get to Powell Station.

a slytherin roams around San Francisco State waiting for the bart

We arrived at Metreon very much on time. Claudine said she would be dressed up as a Slytherin, so we have a Harry Potter Trio going. To complete the set, we went to the jelly bean place to buy a few of those every flavor jelly beans. Though Nando warned us about the horrors of jelly beans, we bought them anyway. There was some kinky dice over at the same store. I ain't lickin' no one's toes. Anyways, I haven't had the Harry Potter beans in a while. My first sample was sardines. That tasted quite fishy. Eh...I didn't have vomit until after I had soap. (Funny because that happened in real life a while back) Al took a few pictures of our Harry Potter group. He did a "Harry Potter" in space bit. Didn't know that happened in book 6.

I really liked this one, what is it from, by the way?

For the most part, we just hung out with friends. Robert and Liz were in their classic regalia with parents in tow. It was nice to have Robert in his Star Wars get up so we didn't feel like the only non-anime people there. Lia did her Ed thing plus a lightbulb. So, how many Eds does it take to fix a lightbulb? Tom was immersed with the joy of Pepsi (not Cola). He thinks he impregnated the pepsi machine. The costume area was being pretty crowded, so the three of us moved to the Portal One area where we took some action shots.

Tom took some dueling footage of myself against Claudine. I did some in character footage of me literally beating the crap out of Claudine. For the record, my HP character is kinda like Miyazawa (KareKano) and Yukari (Azudai) - innocent looking, but totally insane. Afterwards, the Hogswarts school girls and children got hungry. So they went to Mel's for some classic American burgers. We just talked about life and whatnots...

We went back to the outside part of the Metreon. I guess Al did the cosplay parade thing. It was nice to have the whole thing go outside. The area was getting quite cramped. The outdoors provided some nice cosplay photo ops. We took advantage of the location. Claudine and Tom, being the Slytherin goofballs they are, wanted to do a Push the Ravenclaw in the pool pic. You silly snakes. Unfortunately, Tom and I had to be heading off early to study for our midterm the next day. We said our bye bye's to our friends hoping to see them soon. Tom didn't want to leave without playing with the I Toy. Unfortunately, that did not work. I wanted to try out Karaoke Revolution, but that wasn't working. So we just headed straight to Powell and napped on the way back to San Francisco State...

I love this guy, but I love Tom more

Otherwise it was nice seeing friendly faces again. ^_^

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