Fashion Show by Eri Kagami
Nerd thematic fashion is a niche, but growing trend. As the Tony Stark MC said, "Before...we used to get shirts at Hot Topic." The Long Beach Comic Con fashion show highlighted designers from different types of styles that have a hint of geek culture in their clothing line. What was nice was the diversity in clothing styles. It wasn't just things you would find off the shelves of Hot Topic. Another line had raver styles of crop tops, short skirts, and leg warmers all themed to pop culture icons. Miss Alphabet had styles that were inspired by Tokyo Street Style's decora pastels and 80s fashion all mish mashed into one. Red Thread had steampunk mixed in with mori, or forest girl styles in their line. Another line was straight out of Denmark, had styles perfect for evening dresses. There were also a lot of casual styles on the stage that would be perfect for casual comic con wear or Disneybounding.


The Many Colors of Cosplay by Eri Kagami
Crystal Rose Creations hosted this panel featuring African American cosplayers. The panelists consisted of black cosplayers and photographers (or a hybrid of both) to discuss topics about cosplay diversity, racism, and bullying. The panel discussed how each person in the panel talked about being a nerd and how it wasn't looked upon as a positive thing within black American culture. Discussions of "selling out" or "being too white" were brought up when each of them talked about excelling in different areas growing up. The panelists also discussed cosplaying characters outside of their race and encouraged others to be limitless in cosplay.


Disney Cosplay Meet Up by Eri Kagami
Hosted by Robert T Photography, the annual Disney Cosplay meet up converged in the space between the convention center entrance and the Hyatt entrance. Because it was so humid, the cosplay meet up ended up being on the stairs in the shade. We had a nice handful of Disney cosplayers for the Long Beach Comic Con turnout. The heat scared some cosplayers away. We had a handful of the usual princess, Star Wars mash ups with classic characters, scattered Pixar cosplayers, and the Disney XD squad. We did have a special treat for this meet up. Margaret Kerry, the model for Tinkerbell stopped by to join us. We concluded the meet up by the Herbie the Love Bug car by the star cars area. (Let's totally forget there's a Car from Cars there!)


Setting a Scene by Jared the Greek
This was one of the first panels of the day and sadly didn't bring in a very large audience. Despite that, this was a really good, informative, panel that featured a creative team talking about designing scenes in a comic. There was plenty of advice for both writers and artists, more importantly, the intimate audience allowed for more personal feedback and plenty of questions. The only problem with the panel was that the panel next door was making lots of noise and messing with the light systems. Even with those issues this was a great panel that turned into an informative seminar style class.

Webcomics by Jared the Greek
One of the areas in comics that continues to grow is the medium of web comics. The panel talked about the work of the creators, but this wasn't just a promotional panel. The webcomic alliance was also discussed as well as the various places that one could post their work. One of the big bonuses of this panel was that those working on projects could talk with the veterans about their work and pitch their series to the audience as well. It was a great way to network with other webcomic creators and attempt to build up an audience of attendees who might want to check out a new web series.


Artist Alley and Dealers Hall by Eri Kagami
Like most comic cons the artist alley and the dealers hall were one in the same. The exhibit hall had vendors, space expo, cosplay corners, autographs, artist alley, and a few comic industry booths. Space Expo is always popular; this is where attendees can learn about aerospace. It ties in with programming offered at Long Beach Comic Con. These panels on space exploration often fill up fast. Cosplay Corners was where you can interact with cosplay charity groups such as the 501st, Mandalorian Mercs, Rebel Legion, etc.

There were a handful of comic vendors. If I had to guess, there were more Funko Pop figurine vendors than I saw comics. While I do love collecting Funko Pop figurines for my desk, it's very sad to see the number of comic book vendors shrink every year. I do appreciate seeing vendors in the artist alley selling accessories and original prints. It's like Etsy, but in person. The dealers hall was very crowded on Saturday, but it was much bearable on Sunday. I think I spent a majority of my time checking out the dealers hall on Sunday to stay cool from the heat. I did take home some necklaces, tea, and Funko Pops. There's something for everyone here.

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