The Pitch by Jared the Greek
Many writers and artists tend to develop their creative skills, but rarely do they try to build up their marketing skills. This panel was run by professionals that talked about life as an editor and what they look for in a good pitch. The panel also covered inquiry letters, ways of marketing yourself, and the way to approach professionals. This was a great panel for professional development and the panelists were eager to answer questions. These kind of opportunities don't come up too often, which makes this a can't miss panel for those trying to break into the comics industry.

Portfolio by Jared the Greek
One of the most important things an artist can have is a quality portfolio. This panel covered both the ways of presenting the portfolio and the types of art that should be in the portfolio. There were tips on the folder and how much material you place in it. Key points on how artists should not only have work that went along their strengths, but to also show off their ability to adapt to other forms of comic creation. The stories that were told by the panelists were a great help to the artists in the audience and should be heard by all aspiring artists.

Filipino Americans in Comics and Animation by Eri Kagami
I was quite intrigued that LBCC had a FilAm panel that also spelled "Filipino" right! The panelists feature three Filipino American gents that were involved in the comics and animation industry. This if the first time that LBCC, or any other comic convention had a Filipino American creator discussion and roundable. Each of the presenters talked about their background and how they got started. They also talked about Filipino action heroes that inspired them like Eddie Garcia and Fernando Poe Jr. One particular story that interested me was the Johnny Bravo artist's backstory. He talked about how Johnny Bravo was his senior project at Loyola Marymount University and bits and pieces of Filipino fusion he added into the series. Here's hoping that LBCC brings back this presentation again!

The Video Games by Jared the Greek
The long running stunt show returned to Long Beach Comic Con with some new jokes and more brutal stunts. This show features several video game characters running a parody of the Hunger Games with audience voting to help decide the outcome of matches. This time the audience was worked up and got really excited during several rounds. It was clear that the show has not only grown in popularity, but also expanded their props and changed up the fights a bit. This time around Mega Man was the winner and the audience was very happy with the show. This comes highly recommended as it is a fun stunt show that is enjoyable for video game fans of all ages.

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