“Hey peon, just say ‘zug-zug’ and build me something.”

“Man Candy”

“Get your shine box.”

“I like how you get ramen and I get a sandwich.”

“Expensive Milk? Wind?  Wzpwnaicw milk?  Qins?”

“Craig in a speedo…”
“Why do I walk into the worst parts of a conversation?”

“A UV index of 0, at night, no kidding.”

“Every day until you like it.”

“Hey, Giovanni”

“I’m lost.”

“Execpt, Satsuki.”
“I heard Satsuki got cut from TV tropes.”

“So there’s a Fate story written by the guy who did Baccano…”

“Remember death fears not the tiger.”
“But I want to ride the tiger.”
“Because you see his stripes, but you know he’s free.”

“Did you guys forget your wine?”

“Told you he’d be cool.”

“I’ve just been ranting up a storm.”

“I’m by the stair zone.”

“Where do all those cat things come from?”


“Cool, I can call you a colored person.”

"Damn, Flips!"

“An empty room, that’s a blessing.”

“So my psyche up song for this con was the Heart Break Kid theme.”

“I haven’t sent you a dirty message yet.”

“Who’s Nick Nick?”

“I just watched Adam Baldwin kill an alien.”

“Was it a good idea to watch Independence Day on the way to Washington, DC?”

“She slept with her teacher.”
“But was she hot?”

“You should drink more, you are so much fun when you drink.”

“Wait, is he drunk?”

“I’m looking for some Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo figures.”

“It’s your waifu!”

“I’m dying…”

“So cold, lousy Smarch weather.”

“Hey, do you play the flute?”

“What’s your cosplay from?”
“Kantai Collection.”
“I knew I wasn’t the only person who knew that series.”

“Bitch stole my knife.”

“Do you know where you’re going?”
“Meh, I’ll figure it out.”

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