Katsucon has a variety nightlife from all night panels, dinning options, and general hanging out at the Gaylord. The party doesn’t die at an anime con. The resort hotel still had cosplayers hanging out and taking photoshoots around the premises.

Avoiding Convention Drama by Jared
Convention drama comes up for nearly everyone at some point and having a panel filled with ways of minimizing the risks and attempting to problem solve was a great add to the schedule. The panel was organized and the presenter offered personal examples during the presentation. When the presentation ended people in the audience asked questions or gave examples of how they dealt with past drama. This is a great panel to hit because practical advice is always helpful when you are dealing with the unstable nature of a convention.

Amanda Miller Q&A by Jared
This panel took place in one of the smaller rooms, which offered a far more intimate atmosphere where fans could get to know Amanda Miller and discuss her work on popular video games and anime. It was great hearing her talk about her experiences with different video games and how the secrecy makes it difficult for her to let her fans know what games she is in. This was a great way to get to know one of the guests and allows for a better variety of questions from fans.

Vincent Corazza Q&A by Jared
Popular from his work with Sailor Moon and Kingdom Hearts the panel room was filled with fans wanting to ask numerous questions to the long time voice actor. There were plenty of questions about his work in Canada, LA, and New York. However, the most interesting thing that was revealed was that he is the voice of Dunkin Donuts (“American Runs on Dukin”). While the room was crowded there was plenty of time for everyone questions and for people to even shout out their favorite Tuxedo Mask lines.

Classic Anime for New Fans by Jared
This time my panel had a completely different visual presentation that featured clips from various titles that could be found online. The goal was to offer a list of shows that any fan could find and enjoy in order to expand the horizons of any anime fan. It was nice to have a large audience and due to the full capacity room the panel also had some audience participation which made it a much more interactive experience than it has previously been. Then panel was great and I can’t wait to update the presentation for the next event.

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