"Do you know what Flips stand for?"
"Fine lookin' island people."

"Uh...we were here first, lady."
"That's my husband."

"Aren't you Filipino?"

"So, our roommates get drunk and party while we finish this power point presentation. I feel like I'm in college again."

"You do know what FLIPS stand for?"

"Don't you have that one panel with the catchy title?"

"Is this your Mistress Nine cosplay?"
"I wear this everyday."
"You look like a stewardess!"

"Day Zero needs to be a thing here..."

"It was earth all along!!"

"You damn dirty apes!"

"I just got back from the Cosplay Gossip Girls panel."

"Tell Ranma your racist interpretation of urban fantasy."

"Urban Fantasy is when black people win the lottery and can pay their bills."


"Guess who we saw drunk as a skunk?"

"I twerked on the gazebo."

"I did Elsa make up four times this weekend - I can do it in my sleep now."

"Hey Jared! It's your people!"

"Yankii J representing Sweet Mildred."

"Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snow man..."

"We're presenters at the anime conference."

"Blame the Frozen cosplayers for the snow!"

"Well, I am going to spend Valentine's Day single....but I will be able to put myself inside the gazebo."

"I got a gazebo so you can gazebo in your gazebo."

"Try to be cute and then fail. The key word is try."

“I should get out the notebook and start writing this stuff down.”

“I know where we are, Rivet City is just over there!”

“You haven’t seen the Supergirl movie, because it sucks.”

“Why is everyone so obsessed with the gazebo?  Does it give you a handjob or something?”

“Does the Gazebo suck you off?”

"This trailer here is legit!"

“You don’t have to be rude about it, cunt.”

“I think everyone is going to call this kat-snow-con.”

“On the good side I haven’t be contacted by…”
“Don’t jinx it!”

“Who was that on the phone?”

“Why would you even care about the gazebo, when there is a beautiful waterfall only ten or so feet away!”

“I rubbed my butt on the gazebo, now you have to think about that when you are getting your picture taken.”

“I rubbed my butt on the gazebo, so technically it belongs to me.”
“We have pictures as proof.”

“Something’s missing… oh man I almost forgot my hat.”

“This pen is from Chapman.”

“What's Rutgers?"
“You've known me for how long and you don't know what that is?!"

“I got Mu-12 because of dat ass!”

“Do you have a reservations?”
“Yes we do, right here.”
“This says six, it’s five right now.”
“Our bad.”

“This con kinda makes me want to cosplay again.”

“I know I’m supposed to be with the Hetalia people, but I’d rather hang with the Devil May Cry people.”

"Is that R for Rutgers?"

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