This was my second time attending Katsucon. 2014 was a very interesting adventure that I'm sure to cover in future "Convention War Stories" panels. I went into Katuscon, not only as a journalist, but as a presenter. I enjoy giving out presentations on anime at these events. I'm very thankful that Katsucon valued our time an contribution to the event. We look forward on presenting more panels for future Katsucons. This was a very busy year - I'm quite glad that I scaled down my schedule. I was supposed to do masquerade, but our group had to back out. I was very happy to meet and make new friends through cosplay and fandom. Katsucon, though praised as the cosplay-go-to-con, still has that mingling free for all among otaku peers - the feeling that you can make new friends after the weekend is over just because you bonded over a specific series.

Events wise, there was a lot to pick from, yet so little time. I wasn't too excited about any particular guests. However, I am happy to see some of my colleagues in voice acting were able to make it despite the weather. It was nice to see Lolita Dark - many thanks to them for the free CD. I did like the inclusion of cosplay guests who had a lot to say about prop making - I only wish I could have attended those panels just so I could learn much more advanced costuming skills. I hope they make a return at future Katuscons. I would like to have seen more Japanese related guests from the industry, but the Japanese Cultural Institute presentation series made very happy. I was happy to see the JCI track grow significantly this year. I really miss seeing culture tracks at events. Like I said, I wish I had more time to check it out, but I was happy to have made it to one panel.

I was quite disapointed that some panels were cancelled at the last second. For example, we wanted to see the Robotech At the Movies panel. Though the presenters were from the west coast, they were present at Katsucon. This also happened to the streaming video panel for JCI, but it was done at a later time during the day. I feel that there's plenty of events to check out at Katsucon that it is impossible to do everything you want to do. There were very few lackluster things about 2014. The only beef I had with the crowd control staff was a misunderstanding of what "press / media" is. We were considering of covering the burlesque show this year (we loved last year's event!), but they put a ban on press because "no photos." Press is not only visual media, but also written accounts such as this website. People were generally behaved well, it was a safe atmosphere to party.

Even though the vague photo policy was there, I still had a great time. I was not quite sure whta Katsucon defined as a "professional photographer," but I felt as long as your equipment and private shoot was not blocking traffic or others from taking photos, it was all fair game. Of course, the gazebo was the most crowded area of the Gaylord, but like I mentioned last year, there's other places to take photos. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get a private spot because every spot was in demand for the weekend. I was happy to shoot with HarmonyCloud, Droo Chin, Kat Vu, and IM. Photography during the weekend. I also enjoyed attending the Sailor Moon and Hetalia meets. I only wish I could have made it to the Type Moon meets.

My favorite event would have to be the maid cafe. I wanted to try it last year, but I missed the reservation process. I liked the fact we were fed real food and that they were also doing a charity raffle for Relay for Life. I liked that it was held at a restaurant, and it was nice sharing a table with fellow fans too. Katsucon always has something going for it that makes buying the full badge worth it. I enjoyed the atmosphere of fans - I really didn't feel a lick of elitism. I really enjoyed meeting other Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure fans. There's something about the Baltimore / DC area otaku that's very warm and friendly compared to other events I attended. I only could wish I could fly down more often for events down there. Even MAGFest looks promising.

Special shoutouts to Anime Jam Session for another event of being the best roommates ever. Thanks to Katsucon programming staff for letting us be a part of your exciting show. Thank to Katsucon press for giving us the opportunity to cover and write about the event - thank you for supporting what we love to do. If you wish to follow me, my costuming page is See Scarlet Sew and I often post in the Katsucon Facebook group. Until next time, see you at Anime Boston!


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