Saturday morning was nice and sunny. No snow dampened anyone's plans. Scarlet was debuting two new costumes - Super Sailor Moon and the morpho hydragea variant of Azusa Miura. Harmony was also in on the moonie madness - she wore Super Sailor Saturn, a cosplay Scarlet made. Jared also wore something from a popular series - Austria from Hetalia (in hopes that no fangirl would approach him). Likewise, Saturday is typically the busiest day of the con. There's plenty to see and do from morning until the evening.


I Didn't Know That Was An Anime! by Scarlet
This panel debuted at Katsucon. I wanted to do a panel that focused on nostalgia and sentiment. Considering "Moon Prism Poptarts" brings in a ton of 90s fans in, this panel focused on cartoons from the 80s and 90s that we may have not thought of as anime. This includes shows that were aired on HBO, Nick Jr., Showtime, and other shows shown on Saturday mornings (or the even more elusive Sunday mornings). The second part of this panel was to show anime versions of Western media - whether it be television or literature. For example, there's an anime version of what we know as "The Parent Trap," when I showed it to this audience, they assumed it was shoujo-ai. The presentation went well - however, some clips did not transfer to the laptop. We hope to present this panel again at a later con.


Why Your Fandom Stinks by Jared
While the title of the panel might make you think this is a panel about bashing fandom, but it is actually about the way fandom gets treated by other people and by the internet at large.  It was an interesting way of showing that there are good and bad people in every fandom and judging a whole group based on a few jerks is not fair.  It is an interesting way of making people look at their own bias with different fans. 


Defaming the Sacred by Jared
This panel took various popular anime series and ripped them apart for plot holes, nonsense, overhype, and any other nitpicks that make a show not as good as some people think.  There were plenty of titles listed in the panel including: Attack on Titan, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Naruto, Madoka, Hetalia, and Durara.  It was a fun panel that probably offended some fans.  It is good for anime fans to get a reality check every now and then when it comes to what makes a show good.


Figures to the Max! by Jared
It is always fun to go to a figure panel run by a figure collecting addict.  Not only do you get a refresher course on the best places to buy figures (and best ways to avoid bootlegs) you also get told about new ways of handling and caring for your collection.  It was nice to learn a few tricks to keep my figures clean and I learned about a few new online shops that I hadn’t heard of in the past.  The panel closed out with a showing of new figures that are coming out and with people talking about good and bad figures to collect.


What Makes a Female Character Interesting by Jared
While not exactly a ‘writer’s panel’ this panel did look at tropes in entertainment and how women are portrayed in those tropes.  This panel was trying to help define an interesting female character by traits and actions rather than by her role in a story.  The panel mostly focused on anime characters, but some video game and other pop culture characters were brought up as well.  The panel was very informative, but perhaps the most amusing part of the panel was when a fanboy spoke up to defend the characters in ‘Kill La Kill’ as deep and interesting.  While I think they guy was serious, most of the intelligent people in the audience got a good laugh out of his pitiful defense of a series that was designed for fan service reasons.


Teh Devil is a Part Timer by Scarlet
I don’t really venture into video rooms, but when I do, I need a place to sit down. I typically find the closest video or panel room anytime I feel like I need to sit down and relax. I wandered into Funimation’s “The Devil is a Part Timer” screening. The animation is pretty smooth – according to Harmony, the art direction and scenery pretty much captures modern day Tokyo fairly well. From what I got, it seemed to be a battle of heaven and hell. Lucifer actually works at a fast food joint and seems to befriend a telemarketer. From what I can recall the series seemed pretty funny – it’s been recommended to me by my colleagues at Pacific Media Expo, so this is probably something worth checking out after the con.


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