Other than a foray of panel tracks, Katsucon has events here and there that attendees could check out. Like any other con, Katsucon has a dealers hall where one can buy anime goods and sundries. Artist Alley was open until after hours so attendees can help support fellow artists and peers. Being that the con started on Valentine's Day, there were a few night time events for otakus in love or otaku looking for love.

Dealers Hall by Scarlet
The dealers hall was in a much larger room this year than the last year – almost twice the size. Unfortunately, due to the snowstorm, the dealers hall seemed half empty. While it was easy to find alpaca plushes and cute gifts for friends, a few people alluded that some of the prices were typically higher than normal. I did recall seeing a few figures of interest – the SH Figuarts Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars figures to name a few. There was also a few Love Live figures and the Tales of series rubber keychains. Other than a handful of figures, ready made cosplays and wigs, there was not much that really called to me in the dealers hall. While products and stock aren’t the con’s fault, there’s so much the vendors can do or bring admist a major snow storm.


Art Show by Scarlet
Located in the back end of Artist Alley, the art show showcased pieces of print and craft art up for auction and buy it now. Katsucon is one of the few anime cons that has an art showcase. Some highlights included Sailor Moon cross overs with Star Wars. It was cute to see Sailor Endor and then there was my personal favorite, sailor Alderaan’s last stand – implying that Sailor Alderaan was there during the destruction of the planet. Some pieces that were up for sale and auction included jewelry sets and My Little Pony figurines. There was also a model show too – very few entries – mostly from Gundam kits. Unfortunately, the Art Show didn’t allow any photos, so do bear with our descriptions.


Cherry Tea Maid Cafe by Jared
One of the fun things to do at most anime conventions is the maid café.  However, unlike most conventions the Maid Café at Katsucon functions as a restaurant.  There is a long wait, unless you have reservations so be aware of that.  There was a fair selection of entrees and appetizers that are reasonably priced.  Once you get seated you get to order and eat while also hanging out with your maid for some of the time.  Overall, this is one of the better maid cafes we have attended.  It has good food options, a quick staff, and nice atmosphere to get away from the usual rush of the convention.


Formal Ball by Jared
What would Valentines Day be without a dance?  This year the fancey ballroom dance took place on Valentines Day making it a little more special than the usual dance.  Beyond the fun timing the dance was well done.  The room had nice low lighting, but it was easy to see.  The music selection was balanced between different types of dancing music from swing to waltz without any modern pop or hip-hop to ruin the vibe of the dance.  There were plenty of seats and tables so it was easy to relax and get to know people who need a break from dancing.  While we could only be there for about an hour, it was a fun experience and something I’d love to do again.

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