Cosplay Ice Skating took place on January 25, 2014 at the Frog Pond in the Boston Commons. Traditionally, it gets very cold in Boston during the winter months. Temperatures can go below 40 degrees. It was about 35 degrees, the warmest day of the week when the event took place. Even so, we had some wind chill action going on, which can make things feel colder than it really is. The Scarlet Rhapsody crew attended to check it out. Scarlet went as Yukiko from Persona 4, Harmony in Fariy Kei attire, and Li Li as Aradia from Homestuck.

Cosplay Ice Skating 2014 Gallery

Scarlet went to the actual ice skating meet up. She braved the cold as Yukiko. She was quite indecisive as to what costume she wanted to bring - Yukiko was the most layered in her cosplay repitoire. There was already a small group of cosplayers hanging out by the entrance to the Frog Pond rink. A majority of people who RSVP'ed for the event were already at the Prudential Mall where it was much warmer.

There were fewer cosplayers at this event compared to the one that was closer to Christmas. Skating cost about the same $14 to skate and to rent a pair or $5 to use the rink if you already had a pair of skates. Scarlet had to help Kristine around the rink because she has not skated in a while. There were a handful of cosplayers on the rink, but it seemed the number of children falling on their butts outnumbered us. Skating was fun and it kept us warm for the meantime.

It was getting colder during the day, so around 2PM we all made a mass exodus to the Prudential Center just ten minutes up the green line. For the most part, people just hung out at the tables outside of PF Changs. Bypassers were asking what was going on - most people were pretty cool with it. It seems the majority of cosplayers there were from the Homestuck fandom, or rather, the younger side of the Boston cosplay community.

We did some private photoshoots in Copley Place. Harmony and Scarlet were approached by someone from the Boston Globe to talk about J-fashion and cosplay. We weren't the only ones using the rock fountains as photoshoot space - a quincenara (Mexican Sweet 16) group took over for their portrait photos.

Overall, this was a nice event to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while. People were figuring out cosplay and hotel plans for Anime Boston. What I also liked about this event is that the organizers took care of one another. Case in point, when the meet up began, Josue of Ratchet Cosplay, reminded everyone that if anyone felt uncomfortable or being creeped on, to come to him and he'll take care of the situation. This isn't really discussed in cosplay meet ups - confronting and banning unwelcomed behavior, but it was refreshing to see a community to take a stand on it.

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