Boston International Cosplay Day 2014 took place on August 23, 2014 in the Boston Commons in downtown Boston, MA. It was a cool day in the Bay State. Other cosplay communities were celebrating ICD as cons went on through the country – Wizard World in Chicago, Anime California in the Real OC, and Japan Expo in the San Francisco Bay Area. This fan run event attracted 400 cosplayers and cosplay fans from across New England. Scarlet Rhapsody staffers in attendance were Li Mei as Nagisa (Free!), Scarlet as Yuuki Anju (Love Live), and Jared as Dick Tracey (IDW comics). Almost 400 cosplyers attended this event; double the amount of last year's numbers.

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So what does one do at a cosplay picnic of many? Activities are staggered through the day. Events often mimic cosplay games from familiar conventions – cosplay contest, cosplay death match, and more. Prizes are given out to the winners of the games and raffle door prizes are given out. Because of recent complications due to finances from the organizers, donations were given to the meet up. There were buckets filled with anime prizes; one that could make any masquerade or anime music video contest swag basket to shame. One basket had both Sailor V mangas, a Mokona plush, candy, posters, a shirt, and more. You really were handsomely rewarded if you did win something.

The first event was a game of Ninja. This is loosely based off a theatre game where you secretly have people follow your action and one person has to figure out who is leading. By the time cosplay death match was scheduled, we were kindly asked to move our event from the gazebo because of a wedding. It appears that the meet up forgot to have a park permit. However, we were still able to claim some land not too far away where we quickly moved all the picnic blankets, the AlterniCon table, and other event paraphernalia. Seeing cosplay death match in the dirt made the cosplay mock battles even more gritty. Sailor Scouts, Link, Deadpool, etc were crowd favorites.

The wedding left the gazebo and the herd of cosplayers made their way back to the iconic Boston Commons landmark. The cosplay contest continued. This was a nice way to spend one of the last weekends of summer. Many thanks to the New England Cosplay Community organizers for rolling with the punches and still putting on yet another awesome event. Why yes, Katsucon Gazebo, our's is bigger.

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