We love Halloween. What better way of celebrating American life by devouring yourself in sugar, sweet sugar. Oh yeah, I suppose you can also dress up in a costume. Even though I have hit my early 20s, I cannot pass up a chance to dress up in costume. This year, I dressed up as Mulan ("Reflection" sequence version). The reason why I went as Mulan is because she's my favorite Disney heroine and not to mention the fact that Lea Salonga is her singing voice over. Tom went as Stubbs the Zombie from the video game of the same name. Prior to Halloween, Traveling Valentine and Claudine filmed a horror flick at Yaoi Con 2006. You'll get to read the behind the scenes. You will also get to read about our annual trip to the Winchester Mystery House as well.

With all that said, we hope you enjoyed Halloween 2006. This is most likely Traveling Valentine's last costuming fandom event of the year. We shall see you in 2007! It's been a great 2006! We hope you can join us at the Winchester next Halloween.

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