"Each time I see Tom, he gets cuter and cuter." ~Kit, commenting on Tom's strip down during theatre class

"Don't worry, I've seen ghetto-er." "HEY!" "It was meant to be a compliment."

"Are you supposed to be a yoddeling girl?" ~on Monique's costume

"It's anime shoes!" Prof. Morrow commenting about Monique's shoes

"Do we have any cosplayers in the house?!"

"I want that car!" "Why?" "It must belong to a rich man." ~commenting about a car in the parking lot

"You should talk to Angie now."

"There are no photographers here. Where's Kevin Lilliard?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if Al were here."

"Piano, piano everywhere, but not a guitar in sight."

"Are you dressed up for Halloween or for a performance?"
"A little bit of both."

"I'm from Sakura Taisen."
(Nod and smile)

"My name's not Qui. I'm not French."

"In our culture, it's not right to curse in the presence of a lady."

"No BR? You suck!" ~what happens when you put a cat and rat in the same chat window

"He's Cinderella!" ~Tom's cousins renaming Michael

"Angie! Here's your chance to meet a person named Quoi!"

"Hey! We're from the same anime! Let's take the spork pic!" ~Moo

"Phantom of the Opera...should have brought my Christine...oh hell, I can stomach being Carlotta."

"*Victoria cursing at her camera*"

"Dancing Queen!"

"It's the Wolfwood masscres beach people song!" "Petite Love?" "Yes yes!"

"Sod off, I'm Jewish." ~ Tom trying to avoid cell phone marketers

"Look! It's the men in black!" "We're agents!"

"Dad can fix anything mechanical."

"Eep...he wants to have 'the talk.'"

"Yes I like pina coladas...let's get caught in the rain."

"We had Matrix people just yesterday."

"The restaurant I miss most is Victoria Station." "Me too!" ~Mr. Ton-that and Victoria reminiscing about food of yesteryear

"The cow ate a cookie and had a good time." --> "Urge to destory the world rising." ~ from a cheesy telephone game at the birthday party


"Cakey! Cakey!"

"That was a long neko nap!"

"The party is on Filipino time...the guest of honor is late."

"Victoria got a hole in one?!"

"Don't pay attention to the golf score, I'm just randomly adding marks"

"$40 is my limit on Indiana Jones"

"So THAT's why I was so pissed off at the camera!"

"There coulth beeth uh problem" ~Tom trying to talk with fangs

"Forgot my camera....AGAIN!"

"Hideo sucks! I like Kyoko better!" ~Tom playing Rival Schools

"Bite me." "OKAY!"

"'Dancing All Alone'...it's more of a breakup song." "But I thought it was about self service?"

"Anything by E-Rotic is considered sexu."

"You aren't video taping this, are you?" ~Albert playing Para Para

"The Euroebeat King in his natural habitat"

"Reni? Who's Reni?!" "You idiot! Hoshigumi! HOSHIGUMI!" *strangles Tom* "Save that for the bedroom" "Her face is turning the same color as her dress!" ~ Tom, Victoria, Holly, and Amanda

"I love you...and I won't let anything stop us."