What makes a good con? Is it the location? Is it the events? Is it the people you spend you time with? Is it a waste of time to ask such rhetorical questions? The answer to the last question is yes. As some may know my first experience with Fanime was not a good one. However, nearly every one of my con going friends told me to give the convention a second chance. After the convention I can safely say that they were right it was well worth giving Fanime a second chance.

I almost did not go to the convention; in fact my arrival was more or less a last minute plan. Thus there were many Murphy moments while heading to the convention. Forgetting things, money issues, feeling sick, and not informing my friends that I was going, all made the trip very exciting and somewhat scary. The only real bad part of all this is that on day one I was so worn out I ended up ignoring several friends who called out to me. However, after a short nap and some good food I was able to get through my panel and drag myself back to my room for more sleep.

After day one everything flowed smoothly. I hit some panels, did some dancing, went to a party or two, and overall enjoyed myself. One of the major things that stood out at Fanime was the dojo. This seems like a natural fit for a convention, to have a room where professionals can demonstrate swordplay and martial arts. However, this is the first con Iíve gone to that has it. The presentations were very enjoyable and covered everything from stunt fighting to LARPing. Another standout feature of this convention is the Black and White Ball. It was very well run, though I wasnít happy with all the music choices (read: Macarena). The only other complaint about the Dance I could think of was the crowding. The room got very full on several occasions, but even still there was water and plenty of seats for all to use if they got tired. Any dance where I can show off my swing moves is a good dance in my book.

As a panelist I found this convention to be very welcoming. There was a panelist lounge with food and water. Also, the staff was very friendly and helpful, which made setting up and getting ready very easy. I had fun presenting my Horror panel for the first time at Fanime. The audience was the biggest this panel has had and although it was not the most enthusiastic audience it was a lively one which made presenting very enjoyable for me. I look forward to presenting a panel once again next year.

There was a very comfortable atmosphere and it made the convention fun for everyone who attended. Overall Fanime has removed my negative impression from last year and has quickly earned a high ranking in my list of favorite conventions. This is a convention I canít wait to return to, as a panelist, a journalist, and as an attendee. Finally, my list of final thoughts on Fanime 2009:

Fanime 2009: The World Ends With Me?

1. Ericaís notes, cute
2. To anyone I didnít see: Sorry I was half out of it for most of the con
3. In my heart in my soul I am out of control...
4. No idea how Iíll adjust back to real life.
5. I used a new notepad for this event.
6. College rule paper: Not used to it.
7. Did my best to avoid con drama.
8. I was mostly successful.
9. They had the last maid I needed, but not the right version.
10. Thirty dollars off in my prediction.
11. Jerky, donít go to cons without it.
12. I could really go for another beer.
13. My video won, I did not expect that.
14. Yet another con where I did not use my DS.
15. Note to self: Take more breaks to collect quotes and notes.
16. Dojo: Pure Win.
17. Saw some great video game cosplay.
18. Do not spill salt!!
19. My ribbon is better than yours.
20. I always seem to lose money on Kevenís couch.
21. Next con, itís all about GTA cosplay.
22. Writing in a car is a pain.
23. We are the best dancers at the con.
24. I just died in your arms tonight.
25. I am not running from something, I am running to something.
26. Why do I always seem to be dragged everywhere?
27. Thank you to Darci, Cindy, and Parker.
28. I want more lemon water!
29. I didn't get shot at the end, yay me!
30. Stuck up maids need to be put in their place.
31. Two is the first prime number.

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