"Kiss me. Right here - in front of these people."

"Welcome back to San Jose, Victoria." - Bart Boy

“Let’s tie her up and force her to watch us having sex.”

“The theme to Batman?”

“I get shot at the end… great…”

“Did you come to see my golden snitch?”

“Happy Birthday EBK, we hope you enjoy her.”
“Kasumi is all tied up and gagged...that’s how she likes it.”

“What are you playing?”
“Grand Theft Walrus.”

“What does the I-5 look like?”

"You guys are on the I-5 while I'm ordering a #5 at La Capilla...actually, I'm ordering a #6."

“Would you like to take a survey?”

“I don’t know if that’s creepy or adorable.”

“Earthquakes are scary when you’re naked.”

“The big lipped alligator moment in Ferngully crashed my computer?”

"Big lipped alligator moment!"

“Where is it?”
“Huh… oh… San Jose.”
“… Stay here.”
“What are you talking about?”

“Murphy is being an asshole.”

“God gives us challenges whether we are ready or not… I’m not ready.”

“I’m on the 5! I’m on the motherfuckin’ 5!” - Deb

“A Leo and a Taurus, wow.”

“Sex and violence!” -Darci describing her videos

“If I’m going head first into Hell, I’d prefer to be half dead.”

“You fucking me makes me bilingual.”

“Have your little brother go as a gonk.”

“Is that Gainax Boy?”
“Yeah that Justin.”
“Ok, so Gay Justin.”
“Justin isn’t gay!!”

“Hi Victoria!"

“My name is Sherry!"
“Hey, I think I hear a song coming on...”

“We host people - Jersey style!"

"You can buy Pierce Brosnan sings ABBA for $10! Now with more Meryl Streep!"

“I need a new camera."
“Your zoom doesn't fucking work.”

“Finally, civilization.”

“Ugh… doll people…”

"Run run run away, like a psycho killer!"

"Nikki needs to cosplay as Axel Rose."

“I’m in heaven when you smile.”

“I’m tangled.”

“I’m easily distracted.”

“Now I have evidence.”

“Found you motherfucker” -Stan after finding Waldo

"I don't know if what happens in Japan stays in Japan, but Peter Parker really let himself go."

"Tsukihime - is that an H game?" - Julia


“Underpants Gnomes!”

“Back to the mothership.”

“Spiderman works hard and Spiderman plays hard.”

“Next year I’m cosplaying as Italian Spiderman.”

“Vic, I think your boobs are bigger than mine.”

"Tog, do your boob pillows."

"If I was 20 years younger, I'd propose to her." - Mr. K

"I'd propose to her too." - Jonathan Osbourne.

"Why is everyone proposing to me?!" - Victoria

“Are you going to the maid café tomorrow?”
“If she lets me… and even if she doesn’t I’ll sneak off anyway.”

“So now I can call him Justin Bading and no one will get upset.”

“Gainax was great until after Evangelion."
“Don't knock Mahoromatic!"

“The sheer amount of lies and deceit it takes to get through a con…”

“The list of things I’d do to her is so long and intense it would make the creators of Bible Black blush.”
“Scarlet I’m going to give you a gun now…”

“You’re beautiful… taking advantage of the pen.”
*sigh* *kiss*
“Troublesome Erica is troublesome.”
*looks at the pad*
“I’m worried now… Damn it!”
“That’s right I forgot about that; Erica is weird. Stop that it’s my pad… shit.”

“Jared is a good cat.”
“I’m not a cat.”

"You're going to have your own cat basket when we live together."

“Spray can, Foundation, Eyedrop and.... Spatula?”

“You take card duty this time.”

“I want more lemon water.”

“Hi, I’m awake now.”

“It’s called a mic, fucking use it!”

“When Richie leaves a maid show, you know it’s bad.”


“I could see myself straddling Sarah. She has full hips.”

“Your cleavage looks great.”

“I'm a bloodhound. I don't do neko boy bullshit.”
“So you would cosplay Inuyasha?”
“I'm also nobody's bitch, so that would be NO'”

“When they asked who wanted to cover the dojo I raised my hand.”

“You can just show up and say ‘I want to hit things’.”

“The guy from the sword demonstration singled me out because you called me.”

“You won the Big Penis Award.” - said Victoria to Cosplay Hell

“Award for the Best Use Of Underpants?” - said Jared to We're Not Twins Cosplay

“They won the award for Best Use Of Swords.”

“Feeling like a Sunday.” -on Saturday after masq

“When I dedicate a video to you, you’ll know it. It will have your favorite song to your favorite anime… 'Caramelldansen' to Naruto right?”

“We only have five people, that’s not much of a party.”
“It’s enough for a party in a video game.”

“Wait...who is this guy?"
“Hi...um...we just met an hour ago."

"Persian is missing something but I'm not going to Simon Cowell on you."

“I’m Jared, I’m dating her.”

"This is why Nando and I can be friends. He likes video games and has had crazy ex-girlfriends."

“Your shirt has vagina on it.”

“Welcome to my side of Fanime.”

“My hand hurts… it feels like I hit someone. Did I get into a fight last night?”

“Let’s take a family portrait.”

"Touya and Yuki are canon!"

“Drink my milkshake, Deb. Drink it!”

“Let’s find some 4chan people so we can dance to Rick Astley.”

“Penny for your thoughts?”
“You know how I feel.”

“A nurse Fujiko figure for $18? It’s worth at least twice that.”

“Did Rei touch you? Did Rei touch you?!”

“Did Belldandy touch you? Did Belldandy touch you?!”

“The prices here are confusing me. Common figures are too expensive, and rarities are too cheap.”

“Hey, Merchant, I’m interested in something.”
“What do you want, stranger?”
“What do you have?”
*opens coat*

"Is Nixon still alive?"

“We’re going to be Boston people tomorrow.”

“Andy is wearing pants.”

“Are you guys going to the ballroom dance?”

“I’m the boss.”

“How drunk was I last night?”

“I’m just trying to avoid drama.”

“She calls Tsukihime Twilight.”
“Well… I can see that.”

“The video game room is the best place to get away from women.”

“I could go for a beer.”

“We took a nap instead.”

“Let’s find some Baccano doujins.”

“So the short cut takes longer?”

“I don’t dance with plebeians. That’s why I went to the ballroom dance with my patrician girlfriend.”

“That’s it, I’m taking out the chandelier. I’m going Phantom on this place.”

“Don’t make me start Caramelldansen!”
*Victoria starts Caramelldansen*
*Jared goes facepalm*

"Someone play 'Lucky Star!'" - you'd want to hear "Lucky Star" too over zombie "Macarena"

"Someone doesn't know how to dance to metal!"

“There were only three couples dancing during that song, including us. Everyone else was cheering us on from the sidelines.”

“Is it true?”
“Is what true?”
“What I said earlier about good dancers being good in bed.’
“It’s half true.”
"Half true?"
"Well, In your case it's true."

“Any guy who dances is not a virgin… well he could also be gay.”

“We owned everybody at the ballroom dance.”

“Is Jared okay?’

“Vic is my new mommy.”

“Stan is Blue Eyes White Dragon, Deb is Time Wizard, Vic is Dark Magician Girl, and Jared is Yugi.”
*Jared goes headdesk*

“Yugi Bear.”

“What are you doing? Stop it, you’re spilling salt! You spilt salt, why did you do that? It’s bad luck!”

“Just try and enjoy the plebeian party.”

“Are these cups clean?”

“Did people actually pay for this game?”
“Sadly, yes.”

“You can just admit that you don’t like my plebeian friends.”

“It would be a great hobby if it wasn’t for all the cosplayers.”

“We’ll talk about business later.”

“You are losing weight!”

“You are the best, thank you so much Jared-sama.”

Legally Blonde? Ha, ha, ha… Are you the jerk she dates at the beginning?”

“I wanted to wear my GTA cosplay and shoot con hookers.”

“It looks like someone hit you on the head.”

“Hi, I’m Jared’s annoying little sister.”

“I’m dying.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow and we’ll trade war stories.”

“The bathroom is locked and there are two guys standing in front of it.”

“Jared, clam down, calm down…”

“I can barely remember Friday.”

“Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your ears hang low?”

“I just remembered something… garlic ice cream.”

“Good party, hangover sucks.”

“Her name is Rachel.”
“Oh my God, I know her.”

“I freaked people out with doll penis shots.”

“You didn’t go to the contest? Bad creator!”

“This is a whole world apart from me.”

"This one is for you baby!"

"Thank you Andy Samberg for making Saturday Night Live funny again!"

"He made a 'Jizz in my Pants' video? I just jizzed in MY pants!"

“Guess what I got in my hand.”
“I don’t know, what?”
“A certificate that says first place in comedy.”

“It is the guy who did the music for Berserk!”

“The Road Before You Is Long. Drive Safely”
-Fortune cookie from Panda Express, while on the way back home

“Having a girlfriend tends to limit how much I drink at a con.”

“That’s what cons are all about; beating up Stan.”

“I didn’t get into a fist fight at Fanime.”
“You almost did.”


“How did I end up with someone like you?”
“Because we need each other."

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