All good things must come to an end. Fanime is no exception to the rule. After getting my things ready for the flight back to Long Beach, I was scrounging around ways to get from the convention center to San Jose airport. Unfortunately, both the Hilton and Marriot do not offer shuttle service to the airport. There was taxi service available, but that would cost $20 including tip for the five-minute ride. Luckily, I ran into Claudine. She offered me a ride to San Jose Airport.

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I joined Claudine for the Monday doll gathering. Hardly anyone showed up, but that’s understandable since people were packing and checking out. My doll was already in concierge, and therefore was not present at the doll gathering.

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I said my “Bye Bye For Now”’s to my Bay Area friends and “See You Soon”’s to my SoCal friends. I did one last round at the Dealer’s Room. I found a really cute Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress for a dollfie, but it was going for $350. Wow! That’s as much as an actual brand dress! However, I hardly found anything that I really needed.

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I cosplayed as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde: The Musical. Jared paired up with me as Emmett Forrest. It can be said that he is hotter than Christian Borle, though it is not that difficult to achieve. I had some people recognize me as Elle.

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And Nando would make a great Warner! Yes? "Nando is a freakin' giant," says Jared.


After several of my friends left, the main plaza in front of the convention center seemed quiet, aside from The World Ends With You gathering. I spent time meditating and reflecting by the fountains about this year’s Fanime. I have been attending Fanime for seven years and I never had a “bad” Fanime. I have met so many people and friends throughout those years. Many of my friends have changed – either for better or for worse, but that comes with growing up. I remember when I bailed out on Fanime 2001 because I had to take the SATs, but here I am now as a graduate student. The attendees get younger, but us old timers get wiser.

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I stopped by the Hilton to grab lunch, but service was so slow that it was ridiculous. I wanted to get the $5 8-piece California roll bento, but after waiting 20 minutes, I decided to walk out. I had to be out of the convention at 1:30PM.

I stopped by Stage Zero just in time for the Fanime Music Video awards. Jared had entered “Golden Pants: Based on a Truly Story” in the Comedy category. I showed up in time for the Comedy awards (Judges division). Jared ended up placing first! I was so happy for him. I accepted the award for Jared and simply said, “This one is for you, baby!” Brad DeMoss, who was standing right next to me, winced, “I told that you guys will get it!”

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I was so happy for Jared that I had to tell all our friends the happy news. Yet, it was already at 1:30PM hour. Claudine was kind enough to take me back to the airport. I waited with a few Fanime attendees at the Jet Blue terminal. We exchanged stories about a few Southern California anime conventions. For the most part, I took a much-needed nap on the plane ride back. I came home to a Memorial Day steak BBQ, but the memories of Fanime 2009 still lingered.


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