Sunday still had many cosplay gatherings going on – Sailor Moon and Macross Frontier to name a few.

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We spent some time at the dealer’s room. Starry Petals was still selling some pretty doll clothes for the discriminating dollfie enthusiast. I was not really in a spending mood at Fanime. However, Jared was surprised to find rare figures going for cheap and common figures going at a higher price range. Jared ended up taking home a nurse Fujiko home to add to his figure collection.

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Tog invited us to an impromptu Baccano! gathering. You will not find this listed on the Cosplay Gatherings. It was a nice last minute set up. We got to see Chris (Ladd) from Pacific Media Expo 2008 again. It was great hanging out with a fun group of people who are fans of this series. The Baccano! gathering further reinforced why I love cosplay – we do not do it because it’s the most popular series, we do it for fun (and it’s great to meet other people who love the show as much as we do!).

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Because this was a fun group of people, we also took some fun shots (not necessarily in character).

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Jared and I killed some time before the Black and White Ball at Artist Alley. We mainly chit chatted with Bay Area friends and walked around Artist Alley.

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It was getting close the 6PM hour, so Jared and I decided to high tail it to the Black and White Ball. The ball was held at the ritzy and elegant Fairmont hotel. The hotel has a reputation for having high-class socialite events taking place. It is quite unusual to have a Fanime event-taking place there, but the elegant atmosphere added to the romantic feel of the event.

Not far from the Fairmont was Adobe HQ. Jared decided to take this time to vent out his frustrations at Premiere.


We arrived at a point where the ball played a few slow waltzes. We were still trying to get a feel of the event. It was nice that the event took place at the hotel, rather than the convention center dance hall (like last year). When it came time for swing numbers, Jared and I were really cutting a rug. People had issues with the dance floor, but we did not. Then again, I made a wise decision of wearing flat, comfortable shoes.

During Fanime, there were ballroom lessons being held on each of the days. Had I had time to stop by the lessons, I would have tried to see if I could finesse my moves. Jared combined what he knew from the clubs and the streets and along with my 10 plus year experience in ballroom, we had many people stop and stare at us.

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There were a few breaks in between. The dance instructors also performed a demo to “Circus” by Britney Spears.


At 8:30PM, we decided to take a break and hit Johnny Rockets for milkshakes with the rest of the team. It is convention tradition that we all have milkshakes at Johnny Rockets during Fanime. Though we had a great time relaxing with friends, we wish we could have had better service. The floor was icky, it was taking too long to get the table cleaned up, and our server was whining about wanting to go home. At this point, I thought Johnny Rockets had got used to Fanime attendees bringing in business, but looks like they have not.

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Otherwise, it was still good memories and good shakes with good company.

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While we were close the Fairmont, Jared and I went to Austin’s room party where people were playing the Speedy Gonzalez game on the SNES. We all had a good laugh out of that.

After stopping by, the ballroom dance was still going on. I was under the impression that the dance had already ended at 9PM. Looks like I was wrong; people were still dancing the night away. We decided to go back and dance until the very end. However, I was not too pleased with the choice of metal “Macarena.” It seemed so out of place at a formal, romantic ballroom dance. “Caramelldansen” or the Lucky Star dance would have been better choices over metal “Macarena.”

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However, we still had a wonderful time dancing to swing and mambo numbers. We were very happy that the Baccano! theme (“Guns and Roses”) played at the ballroom dance. “They’re playing our song!” By the end of the night, we were pooped out. I spoke to Darryl about his thoughts on the Black and White Ball and we both agree that Fanime has it right. They give dance lessons on each day of the con, they enforce dress code, and have a decent playlist appropriate for a formal dance.


On the way back to the hotel, we ran into other Baccano! cosplayers who attended the dance. It was nice talking to the Maiza and Firo on the way back to the Hilton!

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