As I recall, Sunday morning began how I usually start my mornings - with a tall mocha Frappuchino (no whip cream). There already was a line at the Starbucks, but I was able to wait with good company. I was able to answer frequently asked questions regarding the Black and White Ball - "Do I have to wear black and white?" and "Do I need a date?" The answer to both questions is "no." So as long as you're in formal attire, you'll be fine. There are plenty of single mixer opportunities at the dance.

DSC02679.JPG DSC02680.JPG DSC02681.JPG DSC02683.JPG

Sunday morning was the CLAMP gathering. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles remained to be the most popular CLAMP series represented followed by Card Captor Sakura. However, there were other cosplayers present on Sunday morning. Photographers were reading to aim and shoot. I was rather happy to see a Ranma 1/2 group. Good to know that people can still appreciate the classics.

DSC02725.JPG DSC02685.JPG DSC02684.JPG DSC02698.JPG DSC02723.JPG DSC02766.JPG DSC02722.JPG

DSC02749.JPG DSC02765.JPG DSC02748.JPG DSC02750.JPG DSC02788.JPG

DSC02724.JPG DSC02689.JPG DSC02752.JPG

Our group did characters from Card Captor Sakura. Julia had planned to do the "Platina" variant of Sakura. I have always had my Nadeshiko Kinomoto (the mother) in the closet and ready for wear. Years ago, at Fanime 2004, the closest I had to a Fujitaka Kinomoto (the father) was an Aoki (X/1999)plushie (same character design) I carried around with me. Now, I had Jared to be my Fujitaka-sensei.

DSC02686.JPG DSC02699.JPG DSC02700.JPG DSC02726.JPG DSC02727.JPG

DSC02739.JPG DSC02740.JPG DSC02741.JPG DSC02744.JPG DSC02745.JPG DSC02746.JPG DSC02747.JPG

DSC02753.JPG DSC02754.JPG DSC02757.JPG DSC02759.JPG DSC02761.JPG DSC02762.JPG DSC02763.JPG

DSC02755.JPG DSC02758.JPG DSC02760.JPG DSC02764.JPG DSC02780.JPG


The biggest surprise was Deb and Stan coming out as Yuki and Touya from Card Captor Sakura. It remained to be a secret from Julia. It was planned the week before. We researched the summer uniform on Van Donovan's cosplay website. It was an easy cosplay project to do right before Fanime. Julia was very happy to find out that Stan and Deb joined us for Card Captor Sakura times. For the record, Stan and Deb would like to believe that Yuki and Touya are bros rather than boyfriends.

DSC02690.JPG DSC02691.JPG DSC02692.JPG DSC02693.JPG DSC02694.JPG DSC02697.JPG DSC02696.JPG

DSC02742.JPG DSC02743.JPG DSC02779.JPG

DSC02695.JPG DSC02751.JPG DSC02778.JPG DSC02783.JPG

Now that we had a mommy, a daddy, and their kids, it was time for family pictures. Back in 2001, when I told friends that I would be cosplaying as Nadeshiko, Eurobeat King once suggested that I should have a full family to take family picture shots. Eight years later, that dream finally came true. I'm really happy with how this group came out. Not to mention, a few people recognizing the Fujitaka and Nadeshiko pairing! Of course, we invited our xxxHolic friend, Warashi (Caitlin), in a few of the group pictures. It's CLAMP - you never know who will crossover!

DSC02687.JPG DSC02770.JPG DSC02772.JPG

DSC02688.JPG DSC02729.JPG DSC02730.JPG DSC02731.JPG DSC02771.JPG

DSC02773.JPG DSC02774.JPG DSC02775.JPG DSC02776.JPG DSC02767.JPG

DSC02768.JPG DSC02732.JPG

Best Kinomoto family moment? Fujitaka has guy talk with his son Touya.


The CLAMP gathering had a very nice turnout. Even Code Geass folks joined us. I found it funny that there was only one Chii (Chobits) since I am used to seeing at least five or ten Chii's at CLAMP gatherings. Thanks to Caitlin for taking a few of the shots!

DSC02705.JPG DSC02708.JPG

DSC02701.JPG DSC02707.JPG DSC02702.JPG DSC02703.JPG DSC02714.JPG

DSC02704.JPG DSC02715.JPG DSC02716.JPG DSC02718.JPG DSC02719.JPG

DSC02720.JPG DSC02721.JPG DSC02710.JPG DSC02713.JPG DSC02712.JPG

DSC02711.JPG DSC02709.JPG

After the gathering, the family (sans Sakura) went to Peggy Sue's for lunch. Many thanks to Deb for treating me to lunch!

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