Staying on the Hilton side had a few advantages. We were right at the dealer's room side of the convention center, thus, the entrance was facing the Hilton entrance. We were also close enough to the maid café. More importantly, we were on the Starbucks side of the convention center. There is nothing like starting your convention off with a nice, caffeinated, refreshing Frappuchino. By 9AM, the line was already rivaled the line for the maid café.

DSC02526.JPG DSC02528.JPG

Cosplay was alive and kicking on Saturday morning far livelier than the previous day.

DSC02520.JPG DSC02519.JPG DSC02545.JPG DSC02544.JPG DSC02548.JPG DSC02536.JPG DSC02525.JPG

DSC02518.JPG DSC02522.JPG DSC02524.JPG DSC02523.JPG DSC02529.JPG

DSC02537.JPG DSC02538.JPG DSC02547.JPG DSC02546.JPG DSC02534.JPG

DSC02539.JPG DSC02598.JPG DSC02611.JPG

For many cosplayers, Saturday was masquerade preparation and practice day. Stan, Deb, Carolyn, Caitlin, and Julia went off to get their costumes judged. For the most part, we were hanging out with Miguel, Becky, and Abe.

DSC02563.JPG DSC02560.JPG DSC02555.JPG DSC02556.JPG

DSC02558.JPG DSC02562.JPG DSC02559.JPG

I stopped by the Saturday noon doll meet up. I only brought one doll to the convention, Sherry (Custom House Choa), but because I was carrying around so much equipment, she did not get any face time. However, it was nice stopping by the doll meet up for a little bit.

DSC02531.JPG DSC02530.JPG DSC02532.JPG DSC02533.JPG DSC02581.JPG DSC02586.JPG DSC02587.JPG

DSC02583.JPG DSC02582.JPG DSC02584.JPG DSC02585.JPG

Jared and I cosplayed as Aoki and Karen from the X/1999 TV series. Many thanks to Becky and Old Man Mike (ConPix) for the photos!

DSC02580.JPG DSC02577.JPG DSC02568.JPG DSC02569.JPG DSC02572.JPG DSC02573.JPG DSC02576.JPG

DSC02575.JPG DSC02574.JPG DSC02566.JPG DSC02567.JPG

DSC02570.JPG DSC02571.JPG DSC02564.JPG DSC02565.JPG

The most ironic part about cosplaying as the Catholic Karen Kasumi was that the bible thumpers decided to come out and protest Fanime Con. Like the previous year, they stood outside of the convention center spewing nonsensical babble. However, convention attendees decided to have fun with it. Buddy Christ and Raptor Jesus cosplayers came out to pose with the zealots. DJ Saturn and his crew were Rickrolling and Yattarolling the evangelicals.

After much shenanigans, we decided to look for a place to have lunch. Unfortunately, the service at Johnny Rocket's was ever so slow and very crowded. We ended up just going back to the hotel room to enjoy leftovers.

DSC02542.JPG DSC02550.JPG DSC02549.JPG DSC02535.JPG DSC02590.JPG

DSC02543.JPG DSC02540.JPG DSC02541.JPG

Because it deserves a mention of its own, Brock finally scores a date with Nurse Joy at the local bakery.


On the way back to the hotel room, we ran into a Kamui and Fuuma cosplay duo. Though the impromptu X/1999 group was not as epic as Fanime 2003's X/1999 gathering, it was still nice to see that people remember this classic (and unfinished) CLAMP series.

DSC02593.JPG DSC02592.JPG

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