Who’s that pretty princess in the mirror there? It’s actually six pretty princesses from the classic shoujo staple, Sailor Moon. Tiffany had asked me if I would be interested in joining them for Sailor Moon princess times. I was very thrilled to join them because we would have full inner senshi (plus a Chibi Moon!). We had Tiffany (Princess Serenity), Shawnie (Princess Mercury), Yours Truly (Princess Mars), Carolyn (Princess Jupiter), and Julia (Princess Venus). Many thanks to Tiffany for make up preparation and to Julia for the wig and the rose.

DSC02454.JPG DSC02457.JPG DSC02456.JPG DSC02462.JPG DSC02464.JPG DSC02463.JPG

DSC02465.JPG DSC02466.JPG DSC02461.JPG DSC02460.JPG DSC02458.JPG DSC02459.JPG

DSC02450.JPG DSC02449.JPG

More cosplayers showed up in the mid afternoon.

DSC02444.JPG DSC02448.JPG DSC02447.JPG DSC02445.JPG DSC02438.JPG DSC02439.JPG DSC02440.JPG

DSC02443.JPG DSC02455.JPG DSC02436.JPG DSC02437.JPG DSC02442.JPG DSC02441.JPG

We decided to visit the dealer’s room if there was anything of interest. Manga was on sale for 8 books for $60. Had I remembered which volumes of xxxHolic, Read or Die, and X/1999 I needed to complete the set, I’d be back $60. Not many dvds of interest were being sold. I could not find anything related to Baccano! However, Junky Spot was back selling ball joint dolls.


Jared was dressed as Walter from Hellsing just in time for his Horror & Thriller Anime panel. I decided to get out of Princess Mars and change into my Anime Central mascot outfit in honor of Ryan Gavigan’s (Anime Central convention chair) presence as a Fanime Guest of Honor. We went ahead to have a nice romantic dinner at the Hilton’s restaurant. It was nice to have their signature gourmet burger again. Though the menu has changed, I was still able to have my traditional gourmet burger.

DSC02468.JPG DSC02469.JPG

Jared and Austin’s Anime & Thriller Panel was a great success. Here are a few highlights from panel shenanigans:


Other bits of funny included Chris (Akuma) talking about potrayal of Black people in anime and Girugamesh making a cameo at Fanime. Oddly enough, I stand by my opinion that the Girugamesh meme is much more common place at conventions other than Sakura Con.

DSC02470.JPG DSC02471.JPG

After the panel, we found Jonathan Osborne hanging out by panel hall. We talked about the voice acting industry and his history doing voice-acting panels at anime conventions. Mr. K (Consplayers) also joined us for casual conversation. Both Jonathan Osborne and Mr. K have expressed a marriage proposal to me. Looks like Jared has some competition ahead of him.

DSC02472.JPG DSC02473.JPG DSC02474.JPG DSC02476.JPG

Slightly weirded out, we ended up going to Cosplay Hell’s Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos. This would have to be my favorite fan panel at the convention. We were treated to the likes of TM Revolution, DJ Ozma, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Halcali. I will admit, the tunes were catchy. When “Ashita Ga Aru Sa” played, Julia and I became swing cats in the aisles. “Cozmic Travel” and “One Night” had Jared and I dancing up on the panel stage. We ended up staying for the whole panel.


Afterwards, I chit chatted with my Cosplay Hell friends. Tog also discovered the joys of spelunking under Becky’s Rachel (Blaze Blue) dress.

DSC02478.JPG DSC02483.JPG DSC02481.JPG DSC02482.JPG

DSC02486.JPG DSC02490.JPG DSC02488.JPG DSC02480.JPG DSC02479.JPG

We wandered around the swap meet and met up with Nando and Katie. We explored a little bit of the Fanime nightlife. Chaz (Anime Los Angeles) had a sandwich-making table in the concourse. Jesus was also walking among Fanime, cleansing the fanboy stench and healing the butterface.

DSC02498.JPG DSC02497.JPG DSC02496.JPG DSC02501.JPG DSC02502.JPG

DSC02494.JPG DSC02495.JPG DSC02493.JPG

The other nice point about the Hilton is the modern art design of the lobby. Prior to Fanime 2009, the Hilton made major renovations to their hotel interior design. It went from a ritzy feel to a modern art feel. Jared and I took a few single shots of our outfits. We visisted Richie (Richie Likes Maids) at his room in the Hilton. We nicknamed his room the Filipino Con Suite because he had a balikbayan box full of Filipino treats and eats.

DSC02509.JPG DSC02511.JPG DSC02513.JPG DSC02492.JPG

DSC02503.JPG DSC02508.JPG DSC02504.JPG DSC02507.JPG DSC02505.JPG DSC02506.JPG


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