The Fanime adventure did not have a happy beginning. Pre-convention stress consumed the Scarlet Rhapsody reporters getting costumes done, last minute packing, Murphy’s Law, and yours truly misplacing their Louis Vuitton cherry print wallet. All of us came to the conclusion we had to take a step back from the madness and remind ourselves why we go to Fanime – to create lasting memories and celebrate our fandom.

Stan and Deb left early Thursday morning on their I-5 road trip. While they were on the road, my family went out for my mom’s birthday. Leftovers meant more rations for the Fanime trip! I arrived at Long Beach airport at 4PM to catch my 5:30PM flight. I found out Stan and Deb were still on the I-5 and may not be able to make it for pick up. Luckily, Bart Boy was my Plan B for pick up.

At 6PM, Bart Boy picked me up in his brand new ride. “Welcome back to San Jose, Victoria,” he said flashing that classic Sanchez smile™. I dropped off my stuff at the Marriott. Though there was no evidence of it, I arrived to San Jose dressed up as Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) in a Michael Jackson fedora. I greeted my Los Angeles area compatriots and we decided to get settled in our hotel room.

Thankfully, the pressroom was still open at 8PM. Though I received my press badge before Stan and Deb, they were kind enough to open their doors a little bit later so they could pick up their badges. (Thanks to Milton Le and his staff!)


Day Zero events were just picking up. The swap meet was already open. People were flocking to the video game hall. Stage Zero was just getting warmed up.

DSC02340.JPG DSC02341.JPG DSC02365.JPG DSC02364.JPG

DSC02339.JPG DSC02363.JPG DSC02342.JPG

We had planned to sell at the swap meet. As part of Haruhi’s debt situation, she had to help market second hand wares to local commoners. With the help of Mori (Stan) and Honey (Deb), they were able to sell. However, Mori blew more money on wares. The oddest item someone bought was my extra copy of the Mamma Mia! Cast Recording. I was also selling my Bobobie Isabella (green skin). Several passer-bys thought she had an illness because of her green complexion.

DSC02359.JPG DSC02368.JPG DSC02360.JPG DSC02354.JPG DSC02355.JPG

DSC02352.JPG DSC02353.JPG

Another way of attracting visitors was to follow the words of Lady Gaga - "just dance." Deb and I were getting warmed up for the Black and White Ball. We thought if we could dance, it would attract attention to our booth.


We also had awesome next-door swappers – Nikki, Dan, Dave, and Christophe (dressed up as the Governator).

DSC02343.JPG DSC02362.JPG DSC02344.JPG DSC02345.JPG DSC02348.JPG

DSC02367.JPG DSC02373.JPG

Julia and Caitlin were back from running errands, so Julia decided to join us for a few group shots for Ouran High School Host Club times.

DSC02378.JPG DSC02377.JPG DSC02376.JPG DSC02375.JPG DSC02374.JPG


Overall, I felt that we could have made more money. It was Day Zero, people were still pouring in. It seemed like Friday night was the moneymaker night since several of my friends were able to break into triple digit sales.

DSC02370.JPG DSC02361.JPG DSC02371.JPG DSC02366.JPG DSC02357.JPG DSC02356.JPG DSC02350.JPG

DSC02351.JPG DSC02346.JPG DSC02349.JPG

Did the Bobobie Isabella find a home? Yes, she did. By the end of the swap meet, the green skinned dollfie was unclaimed. Deb thought she was a lovely doll. Therefore, Deb wanted to take her home. Deb named her doll Elphaba (or Elphie for short). Elphaba is wicked!


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