According to their promotions, Fanime is the largest Asian media event in the Bay Area. Fanime is not just about anime, but includes Asian film viewings, karaoke, gaming, music fests and more. Fanime has been a tradition for Traveling Valentine. This is where Tom and I went to an anime con together (with Jarod in tow) and may have had our first date together. For the past three years, Fanime has been nothing but good times and fond memories. Every year keeps getting better and better. 

We also took the oppurtunity to film more for our documentary, "Japanese Pop Culture Revolution." Thank you to those who participated. 


Good Morning San Jose
The beginning of Traveling Valentine's Memorial Day tradition. It starts off with a tour of the convention center and ends with a tranquil tea ceremony.

The Nicest Kids in Town
The rest of Day One follows as Traveling Valentine takes more cosplay photos than ever before. 


The Big Dollhouse
Eponine, the resin member of Traveling Valentine, attends her first convention. Dolls and a tea party!

The debut of the first Traveling Valentine Media intern, Michael. The rest of Saturday is documented here. Yaoi Bingo gets interesting.


You Can't Stop the Beat
The highlight for any anime convention is the masquerade. More cosplay photos in here.


Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now
The last day of Fanime. Thanks to the Stage Zero staff, Traveling Valentine pulled off an impromptu panel on their senior project documentary, "Japanese Pop Culture Revolution.


Run and Tell That
Because all of you love quotes. Silly things said during the weekend. You don't have to take my word for it.

Timeless to Me
Closing thoughts and final words on Fanime. Suggestions for next year included as well.


Read past convention reports dating back from 2000. 
Visit the official site for more information about Fanime.

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