"In here life is beautiful." What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play at Gaku Fest! Fanime 2005 took place Memorial Day weekend at the end of May at the San Jose Convention Center. This was the second consecutive year the con made by fans for fans was held at the space. For myself, it was my third Fanime. Likewise, I have not been to a Fanime that I did not like. Every year is a different treat. 2003 deepened a friendship which turned into something more. 2004 brought friends from the MidWest over when I could not make it to ACen. 2005 opened new friendships, deepened old friendships, and more convention coverage. We hope you enjoy Traveling's Fanime coverage and personal ancedotes. About 6,100 (est) attended Fanime 05, each attendee has a story to tell. This is one of them.


Mein Herr
Day One of Fanime. Traveling Valentine get Fruitsy and run into old friends.


Don't Tell Mama
Victoria debuts her Elegant Gothic Lolita. Tom debuts his D. P. Gumby.

The Money Song
Sweet deals at the dealer's room!


Two Ladies
Traveling Valentine get into their signature Fujiko and Lupin costumes for masquerade Sunday.

Life is a Caberet
Life is a masquerade, old chum. Come to the masquerade. Right this way your table's waiting.


Maybe This Time
Day Four. Traveling Valentine finds relaxation and doubles the fun at the Queen of Caps.


If You Could See Her
You said what? Find it all here!
Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Final words from Victoria Erica on the Fanime  experience.
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We shall return in 2006

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