Fanime - for the fans, by the fans. Orignally, I was supposed to attend in 2001 with the convention debut of my Card Captor Sakura Platina cosplay. However, I was foolish and forgot to look up the schedule for 2001 and scheduled my SAT that weekend. 2002 - APs, Finals, and Graduation at hand...I could only do one springtime convention. Anime Central was my final decision for 2002. It's 2003 and Fanime is scheduled in the summer, two weeks before the granddaddy of all anime cons - Anime Expo. I would be back in Southern California by then. Would Fanime be worth a six hour drive or an hour flight? Through the years, I've heard negative reaction about Fanime, would the staff treat the attendees with decent service, would certain cosplay props be allowed, and would Fanime be another soap opera con? Find out on the next report of Traveling...

~@ Take Me With U @~

~@ Baby I'm a Star @~ ~@ Little Red Corvette @~

~@ Let's Go Crazy @~ ~@ The Beautiful Ones @~

~@ I Would Die 4 U @~

~@ When Doves Cry @~ ~@ Purple Rain @~

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