ConnectiCon took place on July 10 – 13, 2014 at the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford. The Scarlet Rhapsody team has nicknamed this event "Everything Con." Think of your typical anime convention, but instead of anime, throw every nerdy fandom into programming. No lines, no hassle, everyone is here to have a great time. Every fandom is happily represented. CTCon has guests from internet review sites (That Guy With the Glasses, Chez Apocalypse), online media personalities (Team Four Star), indie game developers (Marble Hornets), voice acting, and more. Though CTCon is a medium sized con in the heart of Hartford, it still draws A-list guests from every part of media.

This is our second outing to ConnectiCon. It seems this con caters to people who have grown up from the typical anime con. Offering more than just anime, CTCon has something for everyone. This is the next evolution of fandom done right. The theme for the report is based off of Lady Gaga's Art Rave world tour; it seems fitting for ConnectiCon.

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