The California State University Fullerton (CSUF) Arboretum doll meet up took place on February 21, 2010. All of the Scarlet Rhapsody dolls were present for this small event. I learned about the doll gathering during Anime Los Angeles since Mr. Postman (Cobora) and Dollcumentary tend to inform me about local events. Red Rosin (Den of Angels) hosted the annual event at the campus' backwoods garden. It was an adventure trying to navigate the arboretum. Deb and Jared felt they were in Silent Hill because of the dead plants and beaten paths. Luckily, I had Mr. Postman on standby to guide the way.

A few things you can find at the arboretum:

DSC04482.JPG DSC04483.JPG DSC04484.JPG DSC04491.JPG DSC04492.JPG

DSC04493.JPG DSC04494.JPG DSC04495.JPG DSC04496.JPG DSC04497.JPG

We finally made it to the doll gathering in a lusher, greener part of the arboretum. Though it was overcast with a 40% chance of rain, people still brought out their dolls. Owners were smart to bring umbrellas to shelter the resin kids from any chance of drizzle. Since this was also a picnic guests brought snacks, sandwiches, and drinks for everyone to share. It was a nice meet up, despite the blustery day. No sense of doll rivalry or drama. For the most part, we kept bugging Dandy (Volks) when the Valentines Day dresses will be at Volks USA. Many of us really want to get our hands on the Angelic Pretty inspired cupcake dresses.

DSC04452.JPG DSC04453.JPG DSC04454.JPG DSC04455.JPG DSC04456.JPG DSC04457.JPG DSC04458.JPG DSC04459.JPG

DSC04460.JPG DSC04461.JPG DSC04462.JPG DSC04463.JPG DSC04485.JPG DSC04486.JPG

My favorite doll set from the gathering:

DSC04464.JPG DSC04465.JPG

And here are the Scarlet Rhapsody dolls: Elphaba (Bobobie Green), Eponine (Kid Delf Nara), Cosette (MSD Mika), Charlotte (Kid Delf Aru), and Sherry (Custom House Choa). The three mini girls wore dresses made by me. Sherry is in her OC (original character) outfit from Dungeons and Dragons.

DSC04467.JPG DSC04468.JPG DSC04471.JPG DSC04469.JPG DSC04470.JPG DSC04472.JPG DSC04473.JPG DSC04474.JPG



Postman also brought his Dollfie Dream crew.

DSC04476.JPG DSC04477.JPG DSC04478.JPG DSC04479.JPG DSC04487.JPG

Unfortunately, it began to drizzle. While other owners were not so worried about their dolls, Jared, Deb and I were. We packed up our dolls back in the bag. Then it began to rain on our picnic. By then, everyone was packing up and getting ready to call it a day. Some people ended up going to Volks in Torrance and others ended up having small house parties. We just went back to Jared's for video gaming and dinner.

Many thanks to Red Rosin for hosting this event. Many thanks to Dandy for the free swag. Thanks to everyone who brought a snack of some sort. Many thanks to Postman for guiding us through the arboretum to the gathering. Many thanks to my friends for making what little time we had in the arboretum enjoyable.

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