Comic Con International 2009 took place on July 23 - July 26, 2009 at the San Diego Convention Center in downtown San Diego. About over 100,000 fans made a pilgrimage to Southern California for the party. Comic Con International is widely known as Nerd Central. The biggest names in the entertainment industry are ever so present. However, some may argue that Comic Con has begun to sell out. Tales of fangirls stalking the cast of Twilight is not normal behavior at these events. For any seasoned comic book conessior, the idea of sparkle vampires and men of steel in tights is almost unheard of. However, Comic Con International still brings in the fans from all over the world to celebrate the popular arts.

This is Scarlet Rhapsody's fourth time attending Comic Con. The team consists of Stan, Deb, Caitlin, Julia, and Justin. Each person on the team had a different experience. This report is different from our normal report. Click a any of the links below to hear our podcast review on Comic Con International 2009 review.

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