Royal T's Candyland event took place August 1, 2009. The event was hosted by Betty (Wasabi on Den of Angels). The event garnered much publicity from Facebook and LAist. Candyland was both a doll event and a Sweet Lolita event. The colorful party took place at Royal T. The venue is known for being the stateside premiere maid cafe akin to the likes in Tokyo's Akihabara district. Royal T's maid cafe is not only cafe, but also fuctions as a space for post-modern art and the Valley of the Dolls. As a (ball joint) doll hobbyist, I thought the event was nice because it allowed for all kinda of dolls to be present - not just your typical Asian Ball Joint Doll.

Deb and I went to the event with our dolls. Deb brought Elphaba (Bobobie Isabella). I brought Eponine (CP Nara), Cosette (MSD Mika), Sherry (CH Choa), two Strawberry Shortcake dolls, one Cherry Merry Muffin doll, and dolls from You Only Live Twice (James Bond and Aki). In fact, before leaving, we just finished posting a doll related video story, Cosette Lovegood and the Half Wit Fangirl. Taking the dolls to this event was like their reward for "working" hard on the video story.

We left the South Bay at around 2:30PM, but did not get there until 3:45PM. Normally, it takes 20 minutes to get to and from, but the roads in Culver City were made of fail as it was confusing to navigate Washington Boulevard.

Washington Boulevard is also home to Twelve Oaks from Gone with the Wind. The structure used for the classic are now offices for Sony Pictures.


By the time we arrived, Jared was already there taking a nap. We decided to set up in the doll room. There were plenty of dolls on display. The room was rather crowded with many Lolitas in their best sweet style outfits. Otherwise, the usual Asian Ball Joint Dolls and their Dollfie Dream cousins took over the room.

DSC01111.JPG DSC01114.JPG DSC01115.JPG DSC01117.JPG DSC01123.JPG DSC01124.JPG DSC01125.JPG DSC01128.JPG

DSC01129.JPG DSC01130.JPG DSC01132.JPG DSC01133.JPG DSC01134.JPG DSC01135.JPG DSC01136.JPG DSC01137.JPG

DSC01138.JPG DSC01139.JPG DSC01140.JPG DSC01141.JPG DSC01145.JPG DSC01146.JPG DSC01148.JPG DSC01149.JPG

DSC01150.JPG DSC01152.JPG DSC01153.JPG DSC01154.JPG DSC01155.JPG DSC01156.JPG DSC01157.JPG DSC01158.JPG

DSC01182.JPG DSC01184.JPG

DSC01112.JPG DSC01113.JPG DSC01116.JPG DSC01118.JPG DSC01126.JPG

DSC01127.JPG DSC01131.JPG DSC01142.JPG DSC01147.JPG DSC01183.JPG

Someone also brought some really awesome Fate / Stay Night dolls as well!

DSC01228.JPG DSC01229.JPG DSC01230.JPG DSC01231.JPG DSC01256.JPG

DSC01232.JPG DSC01233.JPG

There were also lovely sweet style Lolita accessories being sold.

DSC01119.JPG DSC01120.JPG DSC01121.JPG DSC01122.JPG

In addition to a few special events happening, there was a raffle done sporadically throughout the event. There were DJ's playing Japanese pop music ranging from Pizzicato Five to Perfume. There was free cotton candy provided by Tasty Clouds. Watermelon flavored cotton candy is quite an adventure. There was also a nice Candyland themed backdrop for photo ops. Mr. Postman happily took pictures of attendees.

DSC01144.JPG DSC01151.JPG DSC01160.JPG DSC01161.JPG DSC01162.JPG DSC01164.JPG DSC01165.JPG DSC01167.JPG

DSC01168.JPG DSC01263.JPG DSC01264.JPG

DSC01143.JPG DSC01159.JPG DSC01163.JPG DSC01166.JPG DSC01169.JPG

DSC01171.JPG DSC01221.JPG

Jared was nice to reserve us a table for three. The event looked like it was short staffed. While Royal T normally functions as a maid cafe, we were also served by oiran and a nurse. Jared and I enjoyed our strawberry flavored high tea for the price of $25. Deb ordered the curry. All of us agreed that the food was delicious.

DSC01172.JPG DSC01173.JPG DSC01174.JPG DSC01175.JPG DSC01180.JPG DSC01181.JPG

However, because of the lack of staff, it took a while to process the bill. Jared and I were killing time by playing thumb wars.


In addition to afternoon tea, guests can also buy sweet treats like cake and cupcakes for $3 each.


DSC01176.JPG DSC01177.JPG DSC01178.JPG DSC01200.JPG

The event was sweet. Maybe a little too sweet. When the DJ played, "I am the Gummy Bear," we had our knives held high ready for the kill. There is such thing as being on too much helium where it makes your typical bubblegum pop sound as healthy as liver and onions.

DSC01194.JPG DSC01195.JPG DSC01196.JPG DSC01197.JPG DSC01198.JPG


We took advantage of the Candyland back drop. For the record, Jared dressed up in Sicillian style.

DSC01203.JPG DSC01204.JPG DSC01205.JPG DSC01206.JPG DSC01207.JPG

Deb went in my casual Lolita outfit while wearing her Sailor Saturn wig. I think we all can agree that Deb is very "moe" in casual Lolita. Deb is so cute that Jared would like to add her to his figure collection. (Yet, if you tick her off, she'll take you down Moe Syslack style.)

DSC01217.JPG DSC01219.JPG DSC01220.JPG

I just went in my Princess K costume from the game, The World Ends With You. I finished the costume the night before the event.

DSC01208.JPG DSC01210.JPG DSC01211.JPG DSC01212.JPG DSC01213.JPG DSC01214.JPG DSC01215.JPG DSC01216.JPG

To fit in with the Candyland theme, a separate room was decorated to resemble the board game. Lots of giant lolipops, candy canes, and M&M balloons were used to create this sugary, sweet atmosphere.

DSC01185.JPG DSC01187.JPG DSC01188.JPG DSC01189.JPG DSC01201.JPG DSC01202.JPG DSC01226.JPG DSC01227.JPG

DSC01234.JPG DSC01239.JPG DSC01240.JPG DSC01241.JPG DSC01242.JPG DSC01244.JPG DSC01245.JPG DSC01246.JPG

DSC01186.JPG DSC01235.JPG DSC01236.JPG DSC01237.JPG DSC01238.JPG

Deb and I visisted the Valley of the Dolls shop. Deb bought a new outfit for Elphaba. They were selling lucky boxes. These boxes had a random outfit that could fit a 1/6 scale doll. Deb and I noticed there was a pink nurses outfit as part of the random selection. Because both of us recognized the style from a certain anime that will not be named, we looked at Jared really funny.

DSC01243.JPG DSC01248.JPG DSC01250.JPG DSC01251.JPG DSC01252.JPG DSC01253.JPG DSC01254.JPG DSC01255.JPG

DSC01247.JPG DSC01249.JPG DSC01260.JPG DSC01261.JPG DSC01262.JPG

Deb ended up getting a police uniform. Now Elphaba and Bart Boy (Team Misaki) can go on crazy buddy cop adventures. He's a tough cop from the Bay Area, she's a rookie from the Emerald City, together they are going to clean up the streets...their style! Wicked.

DSC01258.JPG DSC01259.JPG DSC01265.JPG

For the most part, we were just enjoying ourselves. The party was dying down at about 7PM. We realized it was about time to pack up and go. I remembered I had reserved a Breakfast at Tiffany's Pullip from Valley of the Dolls, but she was gone. Yet, not to worry as the owner assured me that they would ship her out to me for free. Thank you, Valley of the Dolls.

And what better way to hammer down Candyland by saving the last dance for us:


Overall, despite navigating fail roads to get to the 405 South, the Scarlet Rhapsody crew had a nice time. It was great seeing familliar face - Ebi, Betty, Elecktra, Dandy, Sakura, Postman, and others. We hope to see you guys soon. Even if we were outsiders looking in, we had a nice time at the Lolita / Doll event. There was no air of elitism from either the Lolita or doll community. Everyone was there to enjoy themselves and have a good time.


Betty mentioned on Den of Angels that there will be another Royal T event in December. Whenever that will be held, you can bet that the Scarlet Rhapsody crew will be there.

DSC01222.JPG DSC01223.JPG DSC01224.JPG DSC01225.JPG

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