Anime Expo (AX) celebrated its 15th Anniversary on the Fourth of July weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center. Once again, the space was shared with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, but this year was an added twist. Anime Expo took place at the same time as a gay square dancing event in the Marriot. Needless to say, both groups got along well. Not only did Anime Expo celebrate a milestone year, Traveling Valentine celebrated its third year anniversary. AX 2006 proved to be the biggest North American anime event yet. Guests like CLAMP, Mana, and Koge Donbo are once in a lifetime. Not to mention that Japanese musician, hyde (L'arc en ciel) was in the area. 

Anime Expo was a truly memorable and favorite event for Traveling Valentine. 2006 keeps getting better and better.


Nothing is too Wonderful to be True
Anime Expo (AX) is the largest international animation convention in the United States. Every year it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Months before AX, Traveling Valentine and friends got together the unofficial MERRY AX-MAS get together at the Anaheim Hilton.


Give them What they Want
Karen Kasumi and Seichirou Aoki meet their makers, CLAMP! Anime Expo brought us big name guests like the group that still has yet to reveal how the world will end.

Like Zis Like Zat
Tom and Victoria explore the Anime Expo nightlife. It is 9PM and they're still in cosplay.


Great Big Stuff
For many Anime Expo attendees, the best part of an anime convention is the Dealer's Room. Finding great deals on DVDs, plushies, and any paraphernalia! See what we scored!

The More We Dance
The Anime Expo Masquerade Ball in its third year. Traveling Valentine shares their moves with Anime Expo attendees. A favorite tradition of the cosplay duo.


Ruffhousin' Mit Shuffhausen 
This is the part of Anime Expo where Traveling Valentine debuts new costumes - Chidori and Sagara from the Full Metal Panic series.

The Reckoning
The rest of Traveling Valentine's Monday night adventures are found in this section. Victoria discovers her inner Otohime (Love Hina). 


Son of Great Big Stuff 
The last day of Anime Expo. Tom and Victoria dress up like British characters on the Fourth of July. Last minute Dealer's Room raid. The Kinomoto Family is reunited for lunch.

My Little Piece of Heaven 
Disneyland continues to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Everyone is having some sort of big anniversary party this weekend. Will Victoria break her 39 attraction record from 2004?


All About Ruprecht
Quotes. Need I say more?

Chimp in a Suit
Anime Expo outtake reel. 

Love Sneaks In
The final word on Anime Expo 2006. 


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