"I found your next Black Lagoon amv." - in the key of LMFAO

"Ryan, find me a plug so we can play in the bathroom!"

"Apparantly, LMFAO is in town..."

"Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!"

"WE WON!" - as said at the Mirage casino

"Uranus and Neptune: The Other Y Couple."

"Hotaru has to go to her emo corner and cry."

"What's Matt's vuvuzela doing in Ryan's car?"

"KGB Burger - where burger eats YOU!"

"Mummy is ready to go on his mystical journey."

"Go Green Ranger, Goldar is going to rape you TONIGHT!"

“You like Bob’s Big Boy.”

“Have you seen a man eat his own head?”
“Do I have to put that on the quotes page?”
“Sure, why not?”

“The Siegfried and Roy of our group!”

“Oh yeah! Sweet Child Of Mine!”

“What is this? The Guitar Hero soundtrack?”

"Tips are appreciated." - Batman

“So what’s the plan?”
“What plan?”

“Alexis Park is frightening in the dark, all the cosplayers are running wild…”

“If they catch you with a sign they will take it away and tear it up in front of you.”

“Dd Panda Cubed suck off the entire programming staff?”

“She doesn’t smash watermelons at all.  She’s a whore!”

“Anton, I’m going to take that guitar and shove it up your ass!”

“Anton, I know someone who can help you, a man called El KaBong!”

“I’m not putting my dick inside them!”

“I’d rather take Kohaku over these strumpets and that’s saying a lot.”

“Pain hurts.”

“It’s fucking hot!!”

“Honey, can we get married by the apartments?”

“We can get the fight sticks and fight in the bathroom.”

“What movie is this?”
“It’s Asian guy fuck you up!”

Cardcaptors the trading card game.  This exists?  Seriously?”

“Hide your kids, hide your wife.”

“Two at a time!”

“You see this ring.  This means she’s my property, GTFO!”

“If you are under 18, then GTFO!”
“If you do not know what that means, then would you kindly leave?”

“This is an 18+ panel, thus I will say a dirty word: Mud.”


“McNugget trivia time!”

“Who me?”
“Uh… wrong person, sorry.”

“Don’t pull your Tommy Wiseau crap right now!”

“New rule, no more poo stories.”

“I forgot how fun it is to intimidate people.”

“Next time I say we’ve been through worse, I’ll be referring to this.”

“I persevered through it and this is what I get.”

“It’s morphin’ time!”

“Do the laugh!”

“I want that but I can’t afford that.”

“At least you’ll have a new story.”

“Don’t cum in her nose!”

“Enemas are okay, but nasal congestion is gross.”

“White stuff was uncontrollably coming out of me.”

“This feels like Ani-Magic.”

“Anton? Anton? Anton!”
“Shut the fuck up!”

“I got to warn you we are watching porn in here.”

“I take it back, the zombie apocalypse may have already begun.”

“THIS, is What’s Wrong With Anime!”

“Listening to you talk amuses me.”

“How are you going to take that home?”

“I feel weird asking him for shows that are cheesy or bad so I can rip on them for my show.”

“Now I’m at 100%.”

“Finish him!”

"It is not that we are not one of them, it's that they are not one of us."

"Hey! A camera! Let's look at all the photos just once and promise to not speak about this weekend."

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