At Anime Vegas, you had to hunt down guests that you wanted to interview. The best time to get guests were during the autograph sessions. Many thanks to those of you who wanted to talk a little bit about your careers.

Cristina Vee's six degrees of separation with Scarlet Rhapsody is that she looks up to Kate Peterson (voice of Charlotte in "Cosette & Eponine"). Cristina has a unqiue voice appropriate for the genki anime girl. She has recently done voice over work for BlazBlue.


Thanks to Lucas (CaliConBlog), we were able to catch Eyeshine in the dealer's hall. Eyeshine had their own booth promoting their music. Thanks to Eyeshine for taking some time to talk to us! We apologize for the sound, the dealer's room was pretty loud.


Satoshi Kon, anime auteur, recently passed away a week before Anime Vegas. Jonathan Klein of New Generation Pictures adapted Kon's anime series, Paranoia Agent. Klein wanted to share a few fond words about a great visionary. In addition, Klein hosted the Charity Auction in which proceeds benefited the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Nevada.


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