Monday was the last day of the convention. It was also the coolest day. By coolest day, it was under 100 degrees at a decent 90. We packed up our things at Harrah's and had a champagne brunch buffet prior to going to the convention. Feeling that we were ripped off at the Alexis Park Resort's excuse for a breakfast brunch, Harrah's Flavors buffet gives you more for your money. We really enjoyed our brunch. It was great to have a filling meal before doing back to back panels.

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For Monday, we were scheduled do to our Anime Convention Reporting and Applying Fandom to College panel. Applying Fandom to College went on at noon and attracted a decent sized audience. I had some laptop issues at the beginning (it was taking up too much time to load), but the panel went fine. This was the first time I used Power Point. I really hope those who attended my panel were able to get something insightful.


At 1PM, Scarlet Rhapsody and CaliConBlog teamed up to do the Anime Convention Reporting panel. This was inspired by Michael Tang's panel at Anime Expo 2010. Unfortunately, we only had a handful of attendees. However, the group felt we provided enough ample information what is like to a convention reporting and providing successful tips how to do press for an anime convention. I think our "Find out how to attend cons for free!" tag line got people from the previous panel (Mini Skirt Army) to stick around.

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There were still plenty of cosplayers that stuck around on Monday afternoon. People were getting ready to check out and head on home. We looked around one last time at the dealer's hall. Shopping had a few good wig deals (try 3 wigs for $50!). However, it was still too cramped to even browse through.

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Because it was one of the cooler days at the convention, Jared and I wanted to take some Persian and Giovanni outside. While there were nice foilage and plants to take pictures with, the tricky part was to get the right angle. Though the weather was cooler, the Vegas sun was still strong. Many thanks to Sarah for taking the photos.

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At 3PM, we went to the Bang Zoom Panel. I was under the impression this would be similliar to Tony Oliver's Inside the Voice Actor Studio panel. However, it was not. Not that it was bad thing, but we were able to hear funny behind the scenes stories of five geeky voice actors: Julie Rei Goldstein, Miley Yamamoto, Troy Baker, Kaiji Tang, and Marianne Miller. The five of them talked about what it's like to go out on auditions for voice work and on screen work. Kaiji Tang had the best stories to tell. He talked about how he fell off a cliff in China and survived and a haunted bathroom adventure from last year's Anime Vegas.

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It was about time to go home. We wanted to avoid Labor Day weekend traffic on the I-15. Matt already left for his flight back to Sacramento. We took pictures with guests that were hanging out at the registration lobby before heading back to Southern California.

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Luckily, Ryan had access to Sig Alert. It showed that there was hardly any traffic going back to the Los Angeles area. We figured it was a good time to leave. It took us a while to grab dinner for the road, but we were able to hit the freeway without hitting much delay. We had a bottleneck right after the Nevada / California stateline, but other than that, we made it home before midnight.

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