Jared and I started off the day with the most important meal; breakfast. We had breakfast at The Cafe at Harrah's. Compared to yesterday's meal at the Alexis Park Resort, we were very relieved to have a real breakfast in which the eggs tasted like eggs and the service was top notch.

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We arrived at the Alexis Park Hotel at around 11AM. I had originally signed up for masquerade just for the fun of it and I really enjoyed watching the cosplay contest last year. However, because of the intense Vegas heat, I was down with a sinus headache. Thankfully, the cosplay show coordinators were understanding of the situation.

Jared and I went to Vic Mignogna's panel at the main events hall. The room was filled with Vic fangirls. Vic was able to talk about his own nerdom - Star Wars and Star Trek - and told stories about what goes on in the recording booth. Vic also took fan requests to do his voice overs for characters he played. My favorite part of the panel was when a fan wanted to hear Zero from Vampire Knight and fans chimed in to use the phrase "Over 9,000!" in the request since Vic voiced Brolly. At one point during the panel, Vic (fake) proposed to a fangirl in the style of Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club).


Jared and I decided to panel hopping to stay cool. We stopped by Anti Ai Chan's wig styling panel. It was very informative since I'm just learning how to style wigs. Anti Ai Chan made wig styling sound simple and not as bad as it may seem. She also allowed a hands on opportunity so that aspiring wig stylists can try it at home later.

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Because Jared is a Trekkie, we decided to hit Vic Mignogna's Star Trek Trivia panel. The panel turn out was pretty small, but it was fun to see pictures of a younger Vic in Star Trek cosplay. He went into detail about the construction of his Star Trek cosplay and how he was able to meet his hero, William Shatner this year. He also mentioned that he's not a huge fan of the new Star Trek movie.

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Like Anime Central 2010, the game involved attendees attempting to stump Vic at Star Trek trivia. So far, Vic has a great track record of outsmarting the attendees. If you are able to outsmart him, you get an autographed photo of him. If not, you get the honor of being shot at by him with a phaser set to stun your eyes out.


Next year, Jared plans to brush up on his Star Trek: The Original Series knowledge to outsmart Vic. We'll see who will be the victor.

Jared and I decided to hit the maid cafe to see how the Doki Doki Cafe was running it. Jared has always raved about how the Anime Vegas maid cafe is the finest and most well done in previous years when Ichigo Maid Cafe ran it. However, I was greatly dissapointed when I hardly saw any interaction between the maids and the attendees. With all due respect to Doki Doki Cafe, it seemed like the maid cafe was more like a bake sale since most of the maids were confined behind their booth. It would have been nice to see the maids interact with the attendees, asking how their day is going and just starting up some chatter. I hardly saw any maids at the tables. The menu (on the dry erase board) was not even updated either when they ran out of yakisoba.

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Then again, the layout of the Doki Doki Cafe was interesting. While it was the most ventilated place at the con and had the most seating, it also was the loudest. The J-pop music videos got old really fast and it was too loud to have a conversation with someone. I do not mind if the noise level is at an ambient type of level. While I know this is Doki Doki's first year, there is always room for growth and improvement.

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Autograph lines were insane, especially if you were waiting for a high profile guest like Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham, Jason David Frank, and Johnny Yong Bosch. Lines zig zagged through the autograph room to the dealer's hall. Lucas of CaliConBlog was able to get his Lelouch prop signed by Johnny Yong Bosch.

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Because it was over 100 degrees outside, none of us had patience to go outside for cosplay shots. Likewise, we improvised with what we had to work with at the hotel. Outside the Doki Doki Cafe, there was a set of double doors to the Pegasus room. If you showed up at the right time, where there was hardly any foot traffic, you had a pretty decent photo spot.

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For the most part, people were hanging out in the lobby. There was a Bleach gathering in the afternoon hosted in the lobby.

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Jared and I decided to attend a charity auction for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Nevada. Director, Jonathan Klein, was hosting the auction. There were plenty of signed posters from anime and American cartoons being auctioned off for a good cause. Jared bidded for a signed Spiderman DVD and a signed L/R poster. The most amazing thing at the auction was a Speed Racer poster signed by the late Peter Fernandez, the original voice for Speed Racer. The framed poster went for $75.

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After the charity auction, the highly anticipated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers panel. The panel featured Jason Narvy, Jason David Frank, and Johnny Yong Bosch. The three were from the original Power Rangers series. Many of them had insightful and fun stories to share what happened behind the scenes including a flatulent Amy Jo Johnson and an episode that Johnny Yong Bosch wanted to write after watching the original Japanese sentai. It involves golden showers.


The panel was very entertaining. However, much like Saturday's Jason David Frank panel, the panel room was too small to handle all the Power Ranger fans. Though masquerade was being set up at the same time as the panel, it could have been set for a better timselot (not to compete with masquerade) to get the main events room. Overall, the fans were very happy.

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We also had the pleasure of taking a photo with Dr. Jason Narvy after the panel. Dr. Narvy was a last minute guest of honor that was announced at the convention.


Excuse Jared as he poses for Jaded Otaku Media shots.

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