The Anime Vegas adventure began on Friday, September 5, 2010. Matt and Ryan (CaliConBlog) wanted to travel to Sin City as early as possible. We took Ryan's car for the four hour road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Like most people who road trip up to Las Vegas, we stopped by Barstow for Bob's Big Boy Burgers. We ran into no traffic on the way up. For the most part, we were entertained with what we had on our mp3 players. Matt was also reading up on how to win at the craps table and dreamed about firing guns that are not so legal in California.

Unfortunately, I forgot to record the usual Zero Hour Vlog for Anime Vegas. Instead, here's video of me talking about what I expect out of Anime Vegas 2010 while driving along the Las Vegas strip.


We decided not to stay at the Alexis Park Resort after reading horror stories on Trip Advisor. Instead, we stayed at a hotel on the strip, Harrah's. It was close enough to the Alexis Park Resort where you could drive and park there. Matt and Ryan wanted to go to Walgreens and buy supplies. In addition, they decided to check out the Alexis Park Hotel to see what it was like. Jared and I decided to rest up at the hotel and plotted to do Vegas things later in the evening. Meanwhile, Matt and Ryan had the genius idea of setting up a Xbox in the bathroom.

While Matt and Ryan were at the Alexis Park Resort, Jared and I decided to check out a 7PM showing of The Blue Man Group at The Venetian. The Venetian was within decent walking distance from Harrah's. The Blue Man Group is more than just a concert, it's an experience that you have to see for yourself. Any seat in the house is decent. We were just a bit caught off guard when toilet paper fell on our heads.

DSC08654.JPG DSC08655.JPG

Travel ProTip: If you decide to see The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, go to the front desk at The Venetian. If you buy tickets from them, you can also get free tickets to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Jared and I decided to find a late night dinner. Not many of the Italian bistros were open late at night at The Venetian. However, it was nice to walk along the Grand Canal Shops.

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We also ran into some Trinity Blood cosplayers at The Venetian.

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I had to run to the Alexis Park Resort for Silver Millenium Ball rehearsal. I was able to meet the people in the Sailor Senshi Princess cast. Though I have staffed Anime Expo's Masquerade Ball for three years, it was great to be part of a ballroom dance team again. For this ball, I played the part of the very fiery and tsundere, Princess Mars (Rei Hino). It was nice to meet all of the girls!

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Later in the evening, Jared and I decided to grab a late night dinner at KGB Burger at Harrah's. It was the only restaurant that was open late at night. It had a very interesting theme to it; Soviet Russia. Jared and I joked that this is the premiere restaurant for Hetalia, Red Alert 3, and Metal Gear Solid 3 cosplayers. Overall, the food was pretty decent.


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