Anime Overdose (San Francisco Animation Convention) took place August 4 - 6, 2006. With Otakon, Anime Iowa, Fandomonium, Costume College, and the Volks Tea Palos Verdes Tea Party happening at the same time, it was a busy weekend for those into costuming, anime, and other fandoms. No matter what part of the country you were from, there was something going on.

Traveling Valentine decided on AOD merely because it's a local event. The jump from March to August felt surreal to us. Normally, the March date fell on Tom's birthday weekend. This time, it fell on my birthday weekend. AOD still prooved to be a smoothly run convention with fun guests of honor and events that piqued everyone's interest. Though a small convention with over a thousand attendees, AOD was a very nice event.


Please Hello
The Anime Overdose 2006 hype started way back in January during a pizza party at Round Table Pizza in Sunnyvale.

Welcome to Kanagawa
Traveling Valentine enters the realm of the Cathedral Hill hotel during Anime Overdose's Friday start.


Chrysanthemum Tea
Traveling Valentine wears Chidori Kaname and Sousuke Sagara for the convention's most popular day. See us run a panel!

A Bowler Hat
The Saturday night cosplay contest brought cosplayers strutting their stuff on stage. Read the highlights of this popular event.


There is no Other Way
The last day of Anime Overdose. Complete with a serving of Iron Cosplay - shoujo style. Use the Saran Wrap wisely.


Because all of you love quotes.

The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea
So, what does this all amount to?


Four Black Dragons
Previous AOD reports dating back from 2004.

Traveling Valentine Youtube
Videos made by both members of Traveling Valentine.

Read past convention reports dating back from 2000. 

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