AM2 (or AM Squared) took place on June 15 to June 17, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. This was one of the busiest summer weekends the city has seen. ABC7 local news reported that it was opening weekend for Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure, One Direction was playing at the Honda Center, national qualifying rounds for the men's volleyball team for the London 2012 games were hosted in Anaheim, and that an anime con was in town. Anaheim was certainly busy that weekend. AM2 is best known for being a free convention. There are benefits if you go for the premium badge. One of the more well known events that AM2 had to offer were guests of honor, Tara Strong and Andrea Libman of My Little Pony fame.

AM2 is also a contreversial event. The community feels divided whether or not this is a spite con against another major anime convention. We had to see this convention for ourselves. Granted that AM2 was in our stomping grounds, House of Scarlet decided to check it out. You can listen to our AM2 2012 podcast here (listen while you read!).

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