AM2: Animation, Manga, and Music was held at the Anaheim Convention Center fourth of July weekend, was a three day event celebrating “Anime, Manga, and Music”. An alternative to the wildly popular Anime Expo, AM2 offered fans a smaller, more intimate atmosphere coupled with big-name guests and panels. Last year, Stan and Victoria attended Club Max, the event that AM2 evolved from. Because of the success of Club Max, AM2 was born. The report's theme is based around Niki Minaj's Pink Friday album, in which "Check it Out" utilizes Asian themes in the music video.

Caitlin and Julia attended AM2 on behalf of Scarlet Rhapsody, snagging press passports. AM2 held up its promise to being a free event, though those with passports were giving priority seating at main events and big name panels, along with discounts on surrounding attractions such as Disneyland and various restaurants. Caitlin and Julia arrived Friday evening and dove into the AM2 experience.

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