Another Southern California Potluck Picnic (or nicknamed The ALA Picnic) took place on May 30, 2009 at Anthony C. Beilenson Park (Van Nuys, CA). Many of us looked at it as the Fanime after party. The usual suspects did not cosplay, but I ended up going as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier just to show my support for Japanese media that puts transforming robots at the forefront. Bot Con (Transformers convention) was happening in Pasadena during the time of the Anime Los Angeles potluck.

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The picnic was a great opportunity to do cosplay photo shoots and to hang out with key players in the Anime Los Angeles staff. A few attendees after the event expressed interest in helping out Anime Los Angeles 2010. Even I thought about helping out Julia with the decoration set up and strike. I met Mikal from the Anime Music Video department and he encouraged Jared and I to submit video. Now if only I could speak to the honcho in charge of panel programming…

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It was a decent turnout. Familiar faces were present. All of us talked about life after Fanime. The pose of the event? The Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2 pose!

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The food was delicious. We had a choice of grilled burgers or wieners. We also had a nice selection of cookies and cupcakes. Chaz’s signature event pink lemonade also made a return.

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We also had a few resin dolls present – Deb’s Elphaba (Bobobie Isabella) and Tiffany’s Moira (Volks MSD Midori).

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Deb also helped me take a few cutesy pictures of my Ranka Lee costume. Yes, I am aware that boots are supposed to be red. Summer is not boot season right now. Believe me, I searched all over Macy’s to find a decent pair. Believe me, I could use more shoes!

DSC02960.jpg DSC02961.jpg DSC02967.jpg DSC02985.jpg DSC02986.jpg

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We also had an impromptu Gainax series gathering starring Shane as Naota (FLCL) and Julia as a very casual Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion).

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Jared also did a test run of his Henry (Silent Hill 4). Later during the day, Deb and I expressed interest in teaming up for a future Silent Hill group.

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The event can be summed up in one word – fun. It was a very relaxing event without any pretension. People were very approachable to talk to. Of course, my favorite part of the cosplay scene is making up your own fun as it goes. I got to meet new faces like Jessica, Joy, and Gina during this event.

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Of course, there are always people cosplaying from Pokemon. A few youngsters cosplayed from the first season of Pokemon. It is good to know that this classic franchise will never die.

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Many thanks to Chaz and the Anime Los Angeles staff for holding this event at Lake Balboa. It was a very fun event and though I ended up getting a case of the sniffles, it was very nice to socialize with Anime Los Angeles folks and other cosplayers. Free food is always a good excuse for a get together.

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After the event, Ramses, Deb, Stan, and I went to Sizzler’s for post-event dinner. I should also mention that May 30th marks the six month mark for Jared and I as a couple. Here’s to many more!

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