Anime Central 2010 took place on May 14 - 16, 2010 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center (Rosemont, IL). The event had over 19,000 attendees which broke previous attendance records. The event had several American guests of honor including Vic Mignogna, Wendy Powell, J. Michael Tatum, and others. Anime Central had fewer prominent Japanese guests of honor, save for the voice actors for Soul Eater and Excel Saga director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe. Anime Central also had a new chair person running the event. There were a few changes, but for the most part, it was generally the same fan friendly MidWest convention.

Anime Central has certainly grown through the years. There was plenty to do and see during the three day weekend. Because Anime Central was in their thirteenth inagural year, the mascots were donned in horror themed attire. This also marks my sixth time at Anime Central. This report has photos, event reviews, guest of honor interviews, and more to give you - the reader, insight on one of America's biggest anime conventions.

And we salute you, Anime Central.

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