"Silence is coming...to Anime Boston!"

"Oh no! My meatballs!"

"I am a meatballhead!"

"Survey corps just got served...too soon..."

"What does the fox say?"

"I knight you in the name of Anime Boston."

"Did he just ask Yuuko Minaguchi out on a date...with a steak dinner?"

"Transform and roll out!"

"I'm not a pervert!"

"I pick things up, I put things down."

"Mario and Roadie is my OTP!"

"It's time to build an ice castle!" "We love you Andrea. Can we give you a hug?"

"I like air and space!"

"This con has closing credits?"

"Why does this ice cream taste like beer?"

"It's the pink hair brigade!"

"It's Justin Bieber!"

"And we find that someone did not have their breakfast..."

"What's Day Zero?"

"It's the Tomoe family!"

"His name is like that kid on the Simpsons."

"You're the best <position> ever and trust me, we know a lot of <position>s...."

“What’s a deer sound like?”
“Oh my god, my mom is dead, why, why?!”

“Bleach is not about the poopoos, it’s about dead people trying to kill each other!”

“I love Major League Baseball”

“Red Sox!”

“The buildings in Boston are…”
“Old as shit.”
“…very beautiful and different from Tokyo.”

“We thought they knew how to rock in Shelbyville.”
“But nobody rocks like… Springfield!”

“My ears are ringing.”
“So are mine.”


“I’ve been reading a lot of Yuki Yanagi lately. Don’t judge my taste on just that.”
“I’m not sure I know his name…”

"Why is this manga called 'Scarlet Desires' and it's placed in the bakunyuu section?"

“Mr. Sanchez, that was mean.”
“Not as mean as his face.”

“It's an Angry Cat!"
“No, that's a dog."

"We can buy the Germany cat plush and name is Todd. He can be your enabler of things."

“I should get a pink jacket and take the title of king of thieves.”

“We are secretly a Homestuck event.”

“The Magician is the bringer of change.”

“The Chariot is the bringer of victory.”

“Our running joke is that her friends don’t even know if I can speak.”

“The onions nearly got me again, but it was totally worth it.”

“The ice cream tastes like beer.”

“Did you have fun being a bunny?”

“Hey Craig, know what/s funny? Your face!”

“I want to make a box Mazinger Z and enter cosplay chess.”

“Now I have the Mazinger Z theme stuck in my head.”

“I was wondering if you were going to talk about the Lupin III board game.”
“What? Are you serious? How am I just learning about this?”

“A cute gal in a Vocaloid costume, I think, was talking to me like she knew me and I had no idea who she was.”

“Your wife told us you were running a Lupin panel, so we had to check it out.”
“Um… I don’t have a wife.”


“Why is no one else pumped up? Everyone should be shouting that they won masquerade.”

“The only AMVs that win any more have music that sound like robot farts.”

“That’s it, I’m done, I’m not working on AMVs anymore.”

“Jared is Team Seiya.”

“I like being villain. I need more villain costumes.”

“My ears are still ringing.”

“Great, now I have the Mazinger theme stuck in my head.”

“You should run a Shaq-Fu tournament with the prize being a copy of Kazam.”

“I have too much Lupin stuff to talk about.”

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