I have admitted before in various reports that I am not the biggest fan of anime contentions. They often have too much immature behavior, too little programming, and I generally do not enjoy the smell. Then I started hitting East Coast conventions and my opinion started to turn around. While, I was not psyched up about going to Anime Boston I was willing to give it a try even if my expectations were low. My first morning was a crazy rush, my second morning was a standstill, and despite all that this was one of the best conventions I have hit in years.

The location has both good and bad parts. The good is the area. Easily accessible by the train with plenty of food options around the convention center make this event much more convenient for commuters and hotel dwellers alike. Not only is there the food court in the mall, but several great restaurants around the mall area. Also, the attitude of the businesses around the convention is very friendly toward attendees and you rarely get the odd look from people. The real problem with the location is the layout of the convention center. It is not an easy design to navigate. It is easy to get lost and takes some time to get the lay of the land, even at the end of the convention I still had trouble finding the panel rooms I wanted to visit.

The programming was something of a mixed bag with Anime Boston. While there were plenty of panel rooms it sometimes felt like there was no variety to the topics. Certain series like Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon seemed to have far too many panels while other popular franchises had very few, if any. On the other hand there were panels that you do not normally see at anime conventions like Kaiju panels, game shows, and food themed panels. A little more topic variety would be nice, but overall the selection was above average. Main events were well handled from open ceremonies to concerts to cosplay events everything seemed to run smoothly. There were no major delays and everyone at the different events seemed to enjoy themselves. It helps that they have games the audience can play while waiting for the show to start, which is one of my favorite parts of the main events.

The dealer hall and artist alley were very well handled during the weekend. Both had long hours, except on Sunday, but that is expected. They both had large areas so that there was very little crowding when navigating the halls. Finally, they both had a good variety of vendors to catch everyone’s interest. This was the fist dealer hall in awhile that made me wish I had a little more time to explore the vendors. In addition, the other conventions that wanted to advertise at Anime Boston had their own row of tables. This allowed people to check out other events without being put into the rush and crowds that go along with the merchandise halls.

The convention has a good vibe that really shows how much the fans enjoy the event and how much effort the staff puts into the event. It was a great con to run a panel as almost every panel had good attendance and people were excited to hit concerts and meet the guests. On that note, the guest list was very impressive this year with a good mix of North American and Japanese guests. Finally, the theme was supported well throughout the event. The cosplay events all tied into the theme, the mascots could be seen during the event, and the various decorations gave the event a nice look.

Anime Boston is loved by many people and after attending I understand why. The staff really puts out a ton of effort when it comes to making this a fun event and everyone is there to enjoy the fun. This isn’t a con that caters to weird ego trips like some other cons, they just want to run a fun event for everyone. This is the first convention in a very long time that makes me want to hit rewind and do it all over again. I cannot state how deeply I am looking forward to Anime Boston 2015. Heck, I’m already making plans for next year and I usually don’t plan for the next day.

Thank you and well wishes go out to the following: Bart, Craig, Scarlet Rhapsody Staff, Anime Boston staff, the helpful people in registration, A-chan, B-kun, everyone who attended the panels, everyone who liked the puppet, that guy in the armor, the friendly people at Trader Joe’s, Josue, Christine, that cute Vocaloid, all who helped me with panel tech, masquerade helpers, Mario, and Jam Project for rocking so hard. Until next time you can feel free to not contact me (Jared –at- Scarlet-rhapsody.com) and as I give you my list you can give my love to Restaurant Week.

The List:

  1. I do dig those canes
  2. Ice Cream!
  3. Where are all the unique hats?
  4. RE: 3- Beanies don’t count!
  5. What’s wrong with liking Aeris?
  6. I can’t believe music turned into robot farts
  7. I got a puppet
  8. Another cup on the shelf
  9. Let’s go again!
  10. Mwahahahahaha!
  11. Jam Project rocked hard!
  12. RE: 11- What?!
  13. I think I’m lost… again.
  14. Next Cosplay: Pink Jacket Lupin
  15. Two panels, two successes
  16. Fun times with NoCal friends
  17. We need a Shaq-Fu tournament
  18. Distractions everywhere
  19. The plan: more panels next year
  20. Where are the classic games at?
  21. Too many videos, too little time
  22. Cosplay on the T
  23. Mazinger Z, Breast Fire!!
  24. Fish n’ Chips
  25. I know that song!
  26. Wonder what’s next?
  27. Let it go…
  28. Too much wind
  29. Yes, I am a foodie
  30. Sing a song for me
  31. Plans are a prime number

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