Anime Boston was coming to an end. People were flocking to the dealers hall to grab last minute deals and specials. Cosplay Chess was starting up in the morning. This was everyone's last chance to get photos with the Anime Boston Magical Academy backdrops before they would be taken down, as well as the last day to say "farewell for now" to friends we would not see until the next big event.

Convention Tables by Scarlet
On the first floor, you could see a lineup of tables promoting the next couple of cons on the horizon. Some tables even had an Anime Boston pre-registration discount. Some of the cons were new and old. This was a nice way to find out what was coming up and to have something to look forawrd to once the con was over. A few new cons showcased were AlterniCon, the unofficial Homestuck convention and Shinkou Con by We Rise Mag. Of course, there were familiar names like Nauticon and Another Anime Convention. Looking over upcoming cons helps attendees getting over "post-con depression;" it gives them something to look forward to.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? by Jared
Anime trivia with style and prizes is the best way to describe the fun of this panel.  Several different attendees got their chance to earn prizes while answering questions in the style of the popular game show.  The audience had fun trying to see how far the contests would go and seeing if they knew the answers too.  The host even gave one of the contestants from last year a chance for redemption with a one question, which she got right.  The show was fun and even the audience had a good time.

History of Lupin III by Jared
This year we decided to bring back one of the most popular panels that we run.  There was a great turnout for the panel with a mix of long time fans and some who were just interested in the long running series.  The panel presentation was fun and the audience liked the new videos.  We were lucky enough to have the creator of one of the animated gifs used in the panel at the panel, which was quite the surprise.  Everyone had fun watching the clips and after the panel several people came up to ask questions and give recommendations for other obscure Lupin products.

Dealers Hall by Scarlet
The dealers hall was divided into two different rooms. There was plenty of space between booths to browse around. Like last year, we had a variety of anime goods available. I was able to take home some iDolm@ster and Love Live figures from Anime Sekai. I also picked up the Dirty Pair novel for a dollar. Other dealers to note - there were plenty of wig dealers (Epic, Arda, Five Wits, T-Bow, etc), fashion dealers ranging from corsets to lolita, walls and aisles of manga, among others. Anime Boston tends to have a good variety of anime goods available - it's almost hard not to leave the dealers hall empty handed. Anime Boston even had their own merchindise booth - they sold Anime Boston university style sweaters, themed mugs and buttons, etc.

Closing Ceremonies by Jared
While many conventions have closing ceremonies that are more of a formality and/or lack any energy, Anime Boston goes a different direction by getting everyone fired up for next year with a fun presentation featuring the mascots A-chan and B-kun.  In addition we got a nice farewell to our guests, AMV contest winners show, and the mascot music video.  Everyone was pumped up and ready for next year and it’s ‘Kaiju vs. Robots’ theme.  This was a great way to wrap up our last event of the convention.

Anime Boston came to a close. It was very hard to exit the Hynes Convention Center. We saw the line of people trying to claim their bags from coat check. As we were approaching the Prudential exit, we were leaving behind memories of 2014, but we were looking forward to 2015. To close things off, we had dinner at Five Napkin Burger at the Prudential. Anime Boston took place during restaurant week - select restaurants had special deals going on. We had delicious bacon baked potatoes for appetizers followed by the biggest and juiciest burgers we had in a while. To top things off, we went to J. P. Licks for their St. Patrick's Day themed ice cream menu. It was very hard to leave downtown, this Anime Boston was legendary and we look foward to an epic 2015 - kaiju vs. mecha!

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