Lines circling outside. More lines extending as far as the PF Chang's. People shoulder to shoulder. Security already checking for badges once you were in the vicinity of Crumbs. Saturday, hands down, was the busiest day of the con. It was mad house trying to get into the convention center. Unfortunatley, this lead to the team missing out on a few events in the morning because of the crazyness it was to get into the convention center. Despite having press badges, everyone (regardless of attendee status) was sent to the back of the line. The lines were moving rather slowly as the crowds were piling up on Saturday morning.

Good Live Action Anime by Scarlet
While plenty of us enjoy anime as hand drawn masterpieces of art, believe it not, there have been live action adaptations of anime and manga titles. Of course, with the good comes the bad. At times it can be hard to filter out what's worth checking out and what to avoid. This panel covered a few good titles to check out. Cromatie High School, Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin, Basilisk, Sailor Moon, etc were respectively covered. The panelists showed clips from these titles and compared them to the anime. One such example showed how the Cromatie live action was almost frame by frame from the original anime. In another example, Basilisk, a feudal rendition of Romeo and Juliet, showed how it took the original story and went deeper with the characters.

Patrick Seitz Q&A by Scarlet
Exclusive to registered Anime Boston media, Patrick Seitz had mini press conference. The Q&A's highlights included Patrick talking about his roles in video games - BlazBlue and World of Warcraft. One topic that got the press' attention was picking his brain on Monster due to HBO picking up the popular manga series. We also picked his brain about involvement in Attack on Titan and what it was like being a part of a popular fandom. Most of the time was spent talking about Seitz's various roles in anime. He talked about his first role he was ever cast as in Koikaze. He compared his role as Hellscream as to Richard III with Tusks. He also talked about how he would like to go back and voice Soldier D in Gunslinger Girl, but he would also like to revisit Koikaze and Monster if he ever had the chance. There was a lot of laughs and stories from behind the booth shared. You can listen to the full press conference here courtesy of Boston Bastards Brigade. It was great to interview Patrick Seitz again - after all, it's been a while!

Sailor Moon Past, Present, and Future by Harmony
I was so excited to have the chance to go to two Sailor Moon Prism Poptarts R (eturns) and Sailor Moon: The Rebirth. Both were absolutely fantastic panels. Sailor Moon Prism Poptarts talked about Sailor Moon in general as well as some of the differences between the dub and original. We had the chance to watch a ton of funny clips and laugh along with fellow moonies.
The second panel Sailor Moon: The Rebirth was a two-hour Sailor Moon marathon panel! The panelist went over everything Sailor Moon related. From the musicals and all the different characters that appear to new merchandise being released. I especially enjoyed watching fan-made videos. We were able to see the Sailor Moon opening sung in a jazz melody and a music video by a Sailor Moon fan that makes his costumes from construction paper! The panelists were vey friendly and answered all kinds of Sailor Moon related questions. It was a lot of fun when we discussed the Moonie fandom back in the day (anyone else create their own Sailor Scout or write fan fiction?) It was very nostalgic and the perfect panel to get me revved up for the new Sailor Moon anime being released!

Kaiju Without Apology by Jared
One of the most iconic images from Japanese film is the sight of Godzilla tearing up a building and breathing his atomic fire.  This panel celebrated the history of not just Japanese Kaiju, but also those from US and European movies.  The panel discussed the metaphor of the monsters and how the perception of the monsters changed over the years.  People gave their recommendations for different movies and even gave their two cents on different themes brought up in the genre.  One of the movies that got brought up that some might not consider part of the genre was “Matinee”, a movie that celebrates the cheese and fun of gimmick and monster movies from the 50s and 60s.

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