Anime Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA). Finally, the little con that could finds their home along the airport.

Further Confusion (San Jose, CA). Take a walk on the wild side.

Animation on Display (San Francisco, CA). Gather your Rat Pack and start swinging.

Wonder Con (San Francisco, CA). Watch out mama! it's dog eat dog.

Sakura Watch (Van Nuys, CA). May we entertain you? May we make you smile?

NorCal Cosplay Spring Gathering (Saratoga, CA). Without the seven or the samurai.

Okage-Sama De~ 3rd Cosplay Tea (
Santa Clara, CA). State Alchemist gentlemen officers and tea. For a con that wasn't a con, this sure felt like a con.

Peers: Girl Genius Mad Science Ball (
San Mateo, CA). Steampunk and ballroom dancing come together right now over him.

Sakura Con (
Seattle, WA). And I think we've found a place where we belong.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (
San Francisco, CA). Who holds a parade on the one day that the San Franciscan breezes stop?

San Jose May Tea Meet (San Jose, CA) and Peers: Unseen University Ball (
San Mateo, CA). If it's not dolls, it's birthdays, comics, yogurt, and dancing among PEERS.

SoCal Cosplay Spring Gathering (Irvine, CA) The most loverly Southern Californian event of all. More loverly than ever!

Fanime Con (San Jose, CA) There's a place for us, somewhere a place for us.


L2R: Jared Griego, Victoria Erica, Deb Lo, and Stan Oh

We're flying high in 2009: Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, and New York City!

Welcome to Traveling - the Scarlet Rhapsody reporting team's collection of anime convention reports. Traveling was established in 2000 originating as a cosplay website with convention reports taking a back seat. The name originated from a Hikaru Utada song of the same name. The music video encompassed what anime conventions are in a nutshell - fun, quixotic, and whimsical.

In 2003, the press team was created to cover anime events in the state of California. Tom (Kitsune Valentine) and Victoria founded the team during Anime Expo 2003. From 2003 to 2009, the group was named Traveling Valentine, an amalgam of both founding members' online names. Tom retired in mid-2009 and the reporting site went back to Traveling.The core team consists of Victoria, Stan, Jared, and Deb.

Following the Scarlet Rhapsody mantra, "Our hobbies, our stories," Traveling documents the best of times and the insanity that goes on at anime and science fiction conventions and events. We sing. We dance. We cover things.

Another SoCal Potluck Picnic (Van Nuys, CA) Oh the bears are back in town, dear.

Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) Land of the free, home of the weird.

Comic Con (San Diego, CA)
Where the wild geeks are. Sorry, Olivia Munn.

Candyland (Culver City, CA) Population 1372.

Anime Los Angeles Potluck Picnic (Anaheim, CA) This much pink lemonade can't be legal.

Anime Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) And now for something completely different.

Nan Desu Kan (Denver, CO) Heading on up to Nan Desu Kan.
gonna see if I can't unwind.

Mikomi Con (Northridge, CA) I'mma let you finish, but Mikomi Con is the best college campus con!

New York Anime Fest (New York City, NY) Putting 34th Street and 11th Avenue on the map.

Long Beach Comic Con (Long Beach, CA) Real as it gets.

Miss Cholong's Not So Scary Halloween Party (Glendale, CA) Leave your body and soul at the door.

Pacific Media Expo (Los Angeles, CA) Let's have some fun, this con is sick. I want to take a bite off your pocky stick.

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