Psycho Le Cemu in San Francisco? How can we miss this? Our first event as official press. 

Recca Con's last event in Antioch.

Traveling Valentine's second Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Traveling Valentine's third Fanime. It was a charm. 

Not the best Anime Expo, but the ballroom dance was back!

The Tom is mine. I'm sorry you seemed to be confused, Lisa. 

Retrospect 2005

2005 marks the first year Traveling is finally recognized as anime convention press. Starting at Anime Overdose and eventually Fanime. Traveling also begins to merge with Traveling Valentine. The reports are not just from the viewpoint of Victoria, but of both Victoria and Tom. Several costumes debut this year such as Christine Daae (Phantom of the Opera) and an Elegant Gothic Lolita. During the Fall 2005 semester, Tom and Victoria took an Asian American Studies course in which they decided to create a documentary about the popularity of Japanese pop culture in the US. Filming begins shooting at AniMagic 2005.

Traveling Valentine's first sci fi convention in San Jose.

Yet another adventure at the Winchester Mystery House. 

Cosplay Holiday party in a swanky joint in Danville.  

It's like a dealer's hall, but for holiday shopping.

Not even the rain can damper Traveling Valentine's fun.  

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