The last visit to least not for a while. 

Tom and Victoria began the affair to remember at their first Fanime together.

It's a time to fall in love. 

Tom visits Victoria for this Little Tokyo event hosted by 

Retrospect: 2003

2003 was a very special year unlike any other. Illusions Cosplay members - Indira, Sora, Kristy, Kat, Edge, and myself - went on their separate ways. Believe me it was all for the better. Living in the Bay Area opened new new conventions to attend such as Fanime, Japan Town Anime Faire, and the annual Halloween gathering at the Winchester Mystery House. However, the crème de la crème of 2003 was when friends became lovers. My good friend, Tom (Cheap as Heck Cosplay) and I started "Traveling Valentine" cosplay. The words were an amalagation of our screen names. It was on July 4, 2003 the coverage team was established.

Lupin III and Fujiko steal the masquerade. 

A better killer tomorrow. 

Bringing the gayness from Yaoi Con to Para Con. 

Cosplayers at the San Jose Winchester Mystery House. 

Traveling Valentine competes in masquerade. 




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