"Most people think dolls are just toys, but they're really like perfect little people. Sometimes they're so lifelike, that is almost as if the dollmaker took a person and shrunk them down to doll size. But that's not how dolls are really made, or is it?" - Are Your Afraid of the Dark? ("The Tale of the Dollmaker;" Season 3, Episode 5)

Welcome to Toys in the Attic! This site features creativity through the Asian Ball Joint Doll hobby. While the ABJD hobby is an expensive one, it also inspires the imagination. I got into the hobby as a seamstress (Eva's Closet), wanting to learn how to make doll clothes. Within a year, I got into making video stories (Video Stories). Video stories are another creative medium to tell adventures of the dolls when the owners are away. The first of this series was "Cosette & Eponine" (2007-2008).

I really do enjoy this hobby as it is a very infectious one. The number of friends that have been suckered into this hobby keeps growing and growing everyday...

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