Titan Con took place on April 29, 2017, at the California State University Fullerton campus in Fullerton, CA. The second year convention celebrates all things pop culture. Though this event was run by the university’s anime club, the event celebrates all fandoms. The event is free - all one had to do was register on Eventbrite to have a wristband. The second year drew in 5,000 attendees. This is impressive for a university one day event - I have been to college anime cons that drew less. The broad theme and the free entrance does bring a lot more.

Titan Con is named after the Fullerton mascot, Titans. The massive “Titans” sign outside of the student center greeted attendees as they walked from the parking lot into the student center. Upon entering the student union, one can smell the fresh scents of Gaja’s unique okonomiyaki. One of the strengths of Titan Con is that there were a few food places set up for quick grab and go as well as plenty of seating in the student union.

The student union also housed the dealers hall which consisted of local artists selling prints and fandom knick knacks. There were a few familiar local dealers including Geeky Teas, Epic Cosplay Wigs, and Weaponized Waifus. Geeky Teas brought in a sampling of their fandom themed tea sets. Epic Cosplay has some discontinued and discounted wigs.

The student union also housed main events and programming. There was a variety of panels presented at this event from idols, video games, and Disney. Because this was a smaller event, seasoned panelists were test running some of their upcoming panels for larger cons here. We went to the Metal Gear / Hideo Kojima panel which covered the history, inside jokes, and ins and outs of the franchise. This was also followed by a trivia contest and fandom discussion and over analysis. Jared was invited to present the history of anime conventions. Given that anime clubs were core in hosting anime conventions, this was very appropriate to have at the Fullerton campus.

Titan Con also had a car show, otherwise known as the Itasha Car Show. A DJ was playing tunes from various idol themed anime and saccharine J-pop as people browsed through the car show. The car show had vehicles themed to moe culture. I'm not quite familiar with Itasha culture, but I did like seeing how people were decorating their cars. I first seen this trend at Anime Expo in one of the halls and it’s been slowly spilling into smaller events in Southern California.

Jared and I also checked out the maid cafe. For $10, you can have iced green tea and enjoy some time with a maid. We were hoping for more that would come with the $10. The maid cafe seemed more atmospheric than anything else. Maids were going on the main floor to do idol dance routines. One of the bonuses you can get with your maid is to sing karaoke with them. There was a $20 level that can allow you to do more activities with maids, but Jared and I were more in the mood just to chill and have snacks. There were scattered raffles throughout the maid cafe that gave away tote bags and shirts. The maid cafe was a nice addition, just wished we got more than just iced tea with $10 per head.

Titan Con is one of the few multifandom events that is run by fans for fans. I liked that there were plenty of fandoms represented in cosplay. While the majority were cosplaying from anime, we did see DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Hamilton, Steven Universe, etc cosplayers on the premises. Love Live cosplay is still fairly dominant in the anime scene. There were scattered cosplay meet ups throughout the day and photographers taking impromptu cosplay photoshoots.

Overall, Tifan Con was a nice one day event in the real OC. We weren’t originally planning on going - we were just given a month’s notice for this event. However, we’re very honored to have been presenters discussing the history of anime conventions to old and new generations. We would recommend Titan Con to Southern California locals who are looking for that “chill” con before the insanity that is the summer convention season. Titan Con is free and does retain the for fans by fans that most conventions nowadays are missing.

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