Senshi Matsuri 2013 took place on June 30, 2013 in New York City. As a goer of larger cons Senshi Matsuri is a very small convention in comparison. With such a large cult following of the popular show Sailor Moon. It is no surprise that there is a convention solely dedicated to the show. Yet, this con is fairly new and still has some kinks to work out. This year tickets for the convention sold our quickly which led me to believe that there would be a full house. But that was not the case. People were definitely coming and going in costume so the con never felt "packed".


When coming into the convention we got a pamphlet with a schedule. There was not that much to do. There was a comedian who was pretty funny but the stage was right where the vendor tables were so there was a lot of noise and he was a bit hard to hear. There was also a "Phoenix Right Attorney" Style game where people can role-play a case – moot court style. For me that was kind of fun and I participated as one of the witnesses (plus I am a law student and do this on a daily basis). Also everyone could get his or her photo taken for free! If you wanted it edited or to get more shots you just had to pay a small additional fee. Another good point at the con was the "Maid Café", which had ADORABLE waitresses! Everyone got one meal included into the ticket price, which was great!


The vendor table did not have enough Sailor Moon merchandise. The number of vendors at this convention was really small. I expected at the very least to see some nice Sailor Moon fan art but alas I will have to wait until NYCC it seems!

I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more games and activities, especially since there were not panels like you would have in most other conventions. Also there were barely any screenings, which would have been really fun to see at a Sailor Moon convention.

Overall, this is one of the smaller cons around. Word on the street is next year they will try to expand. I really hope this convention improves, as there were some really great cosplayers there!

Senshi Matsuri 2013 Gallery Here

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