March is cherry blossom season in the valley. While the peak was estimated for the next week, local cosplayers and photographers decided to hit Anthony C. Beilenson Park (aka popularly known as Lake Balboa Park by the cosplay community) in Van Nuys. . One or two trees started showing pink, while a majority were just starting to bud. Jason Nishi (i360) organized this potluck picnic. My long time cosplay buddy, Angela convinced me to go on March 13. Ergo, I invited the base crew to join us. Stan decided to just relax in the park for this event. Jared and I went as Aizen and Hinamori from Bleach. Deb went as Ash from Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl.

The namesake of this report is based on the alternative title for Akira Kurosawa's Dreams. There is a segment that takes place in a peach orchard during Hina Matsuri. I thought it would be appropriate since Momo translates to "peach" and Hina Matsuri normally takes place in March.

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Deb and I decided to wander the path that had a few cherry blossoms ready. Yet, one had to deal with fruit flies on that path. Even though the cherry blossoms did not show, we were in cosplay and there was plenty of open space for photo opportunities.

DSC04521.JPG DSC04517.JPG DSC04525.JPG DSC04529.JPG DSC04530.JPG DSC04533.JPG DSC04534.JPG DSC04535.JPG

DSC04518.JPG DSC04519.JPG DSC04520.JPG DSC04524.JPG DSC04526.JPG

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Deb borrowed my Mew plush. Mew was very much beloved by Stan and Jared.

DSC04522.JPG DSC04546.JPG DSC04698.JPG DSC04699.JPG

DSC04523.JPG DSC04536.JPG DSC04537.JPG DSC04547.JPG

And this was one the tree that had a few cherry blossoms ready.

DSC04540.JPG DSC04541.JPG DSC04542.JPG

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Deb was also looking for a shiny Pachirisu.

DSC04543.JPG DSC04544.JPG

Stan brought his Yotsuba figure. He claimed it was his bankai against Aizen.

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The picnic had maybe 20 or so attendees. Evan and Matt went out to grab pizza. There was much sweets and flavored chips to be passed around. I brought soda and cookies to add to the mix. It was cool meeting a few new people (Silver Ruby, Susan) and catching up with long time friends (Angela, Shane, Matt).

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Jared and I decided to take nice pictures of our Bleach costumes. We came to the realization we had not done anything couple or pairing related since New York Anime Fest 2009. Deb took photos with my camera. Ted (Spooky Electric) and Jeff (i360) also took photos of us in the bamboo forest area of the park. Many thanks to these guys for helping us out.

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DSC04576.JPG DSC04577.JPG DSC04578.JPG DSC04579.JPG DSC04580.JPG


DSC04583.JPG DSC04584.JPG DSC04574.JPG DSC04575.JPG

The story with Jared's Aizen is that most of the costume was made by me other than the coat. Jared ordered the coat from an online cosplay shop. However, when it arrived in the mail, it did not have the sleeves. So, I had to add sleeves with what spare white polycotton I had.

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My Hinamori costume was commissioned. This was before I learned how to sew. I made the hair bun holder thing from scrap fabric and what ribbon I had left.

DSC04606.JPG DSC04608.JPG DSC04612.JPG DSC04613.JPG DSC04614.JPG DSC04615.JPG DSC04617.JPG DSC04619.JPG

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DSC04607.JPG DSC04609.JPG DSC04610.JPG DSC04611.JPG DSC04624.JPG

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These photos are based on a few of our couple-ish quirks. I know, it's because I'm short.

DSC04631.JPG DSC04632.JPG DSC04634.JPG DSC04635.JPG DSC04636.JPG

A few more of our Division 5 shots as taken by Deb.

DSC04642.JPG DSC04643.JPG DSC04660.JPG DSC04661.JPG DSC04662.JPG DSC04663.JPG DSC04674.JPG DSC04675.JPG

DSC04676.JPG DSC04677.JPG

DSC04637.JPG DSC04638.JPG DSC04639.JPG DSC04640.JPG DSC04641.JPG

DSC04644.JPG DSC04645.JPG DSC04646.JPG DSC04647.JPG DSC04648.JPG

DSC04649.JPG DSC04650.JPG DSC04651.JPG DSC04652.JPG DSC04653.JPG

DSC04654.JPG DSC04655.JPG DSC04656.JPG DSC04657.JPG DSC04658.JPG

DSC04659.JPG DSC04670.JPG DSC04671.JPG DSC04672.JPG DSC04673.JPG

There were a few kids from the neighboring party who thought Jared was cosplaying as Samurai Jack. Deb was still in her Ash costume. The kids demanded the wherabouts of Pikachu, despite Deb tending to the legendary Mew.


A few cosplayers of the Tohou persussion started wandering into the bamboo area.

DSC04679.JPG DSC04680.JPG DSC04681.JPG DSC04682.JPG

There was also a Steampunk gathering on the other side of the park. Jared, Deb, and I were curious to what was going on. We figured since we were all in costume, it would be nice to drop by and check it out. We were very much welcomed. It turned out a few of the steampunkers were into anime. They knew we were cosplaying from Bleach and Pokemon. They also asked for photos. It looked like a fun event. We were offered cookies (thanks Melissa!) and we watched a bit fo the badmitton game. For more information about the Southern California Steampunk community, visit League of Steam.

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DSC04684.JPG DSC04687.JPG DSC04688.JPG DSC04710.JPG DSC04711.JPG

Since March 13 was the only day we could make it to the park, we took last minute photos in that area of the the park. Looks like Ash found one of the three lakes in Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl.

DSC04691.JPG DSC04692.JPG

DSC04689.JPG DSC04690.JPG

And then Ash faced a lesser known Pokemon trainer, Aizen Sousuke of the Hueco Mundo gym. Can Ash win the Taco badge? After all, Aizen has a Mew on his team.

DSC04693.JPG DSC04694.JPG DSC04695.JPG DSC04696.JPG DSC04697.JPG

Jared and I took some last minute Division 5 photos are the sun was setting.

DSC04702.JPG DSC04703.JPG DSC04704.JPG DSC04705.JPG DSC04712.JPG DSC04713.JPG DSC04714.JPG DSC04715.JPG

DSC04717.JPG DSC04718.JPG DSC04719.JPG DSC04700.JPG DSC04706.JPG

DSC04707.JPG DSC04720.JPG DSC04724.JPG DSC04725.JPG DSC04726.JPG

Many thanks to Jason for putting on this event. Many thanks to Jeff and Ted for the photoshoots. Your time and patience is greatly appreciated! We look forward to the photos. After the gathering, we stopped by a Wing Stop. We thought about watching the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight, but we knew the future Filipino politician would win.


Another good day spent well with friends. It did not matter if the cherry blossoms were at the peak, it just mattered to just have a nice day at the park. See you at the next event!

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